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Date 11/02/2016 11:41:36 Post reply
Name Mel Taylor   Email
Comments PARKING TICKET!!! I have just received a parking ticket on Hardwick Road. The local parking situation is becoming more and more ridiculous and the parish council and local residents need to sort something out ASAP. I feel hurt that I have been fined for parking close to my property, which is a rarity these days, more often than not I am having to use friends driveway is to park my vehicle!! I appreciate that the police are only doing their job however I have seen many vehicles parked in a similar spot to mine and for closer to the junction!!!

Date 10/02/2016 13:26:00 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments There are two spare tickets for Dial M for Murder at the Everyman Theatre Cheltenham on Thursday, 10th March. Total cost £38 each. Coach departs Pangbourne at 9.20am.

Date 01/02/2016 09:56:52 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir -Whitchurch Bridge Company   Email
Comments We may have vacancies coming up for Toll Collectors, with hours by agreement. If you're local and like meeting people please consider us. All ages welcome. Application Forms available from the Toll Booth or the Bridge Manager at the Toll House.

Date 28/01/2016 15:01:53 Post reply
Name Claire Jury   Email
Comments Have you lost something in the Manor Road area this afternoon, between 1.30pm and 2.45pm? Contact me and tell me what you have lost and I will tell you if I have found it!

Date 22/01/2016 15:49:00 Post reply
Name Graham Dednum   Email
Comments In response to numerous requests, The Ferryboat will remain open during the evening of February 14th, Valentine's Day, to give opportunity for local residents to celebrate this day with a special four course dinner and live music from the duo of David and Simon Mortlock (piano and flute).Both have featured in the annual Christmas concert. Full details can be found on the website

Date 21/01/2016 09:37:02 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Primary School   Email
Comments First direct card found near school. Contact school office if you have lost it.

Date 15/01/2016 11:34:04 Post reply
Name Graham Dednum   Email
Comments We have a vacancy for a part time kitchen assistant to work in our busy kitchen and also to provide holiday cover. For more information, please contact Graham on 0118 984 2161

Date 12/01/2016 18:19:47 Post reply
Name Denny Baxter-Hill   Email
Comments I have a huge sample sale of my Stella&Dot jewellery bags and scarves at home this saturday the 16th at 11.00am till4.30pm Please drop in and bag a bargain. Lerryn Eastfield Lane ( down the bottom and turn right towards the river. This is to make way for all my new spring collection samples. Happy for you to bring a friend

Date 12/01/2016 15:16:38 Post reply
Name Lilly Tegg   Email
Comments Hello, Can anyone with local history knowledge please help with information on the FLOWER families who lived in and around Whitchurch? I am interested in the years 1400-c1700 particularly Thomas bn 1608 to Francis & Agnes. I believe the grandfather of Thomas was also named Francis. I do have available parish transcripts from c1595 but nothing previously. I have located a book 'The History of Whitchurch' which gives early details of parish accounts and lists a Francis Flower in 1601. Any help would be most appreciated as I can longer travel in person to lovely Whitchurch. Regards, Lilly

Date 08/01/2016 11:15:12 Post reply
Name Kate Dyer   Email
Comments I found a Barclays Visa Debit bank card (almost new) this morning at Hillside, Hardwick Road. email me if you've lost yours. I'm in Pangbourne but will be walking in Whitchurch again on Monday morning - I could pop it through your door then.
Date 12/01/2016 10:12:49 Post reply
Name Kate Dyer   Email
Comments Have had no response to this so have now posted the card to Barclays.

Date 01/01/2016 13:22:02 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments There are two spare tickets for Deathtrap at The Salisbury Playhouse on Thursday, 11th February at 2.30pm. Cost £30. Coach departs 9.00am.

Date 26/12/2015 11:52:22 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments We are starting a farmers market in whitchurch it will be bi weekly and on a different day to Pangbournes I am looking for contacts/businesses that would be interested in selling their goods on stalls all the profits will go to charity at the start it will go to the church roof fund and then in the future it will go to other deserving causes just message me if you are interested

Date 26/12/2015 10:18:20 Post reply
Name Richard Williams   Email
Comments Disappointing to see that the owners of Eastfield House have now lodged a 30 page appeal on 23rd Dec. The timing looks like a deliberate ploy to effectively restrict the period of consultation. Deadline for responses is 27th Jan

Date 19/12/2015 10:23:09 Post reply
Name Allan   Email
Comments Thank you for the card and I do enjoy visiting the site.
Date 19/12/2015 14:37:09 Post reply
Name Pam Scott
Comments Many thanks Allan. It's good to know our efforts are appreciated!

Date 15/12/2015 10:40:27 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments The Landlord of the Greyhound has agreed we can hold a farmers market in the greyhound once every 2 weeks anybody interested message me

Date 14/12/2015 08:14:39 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments in the new year I will be planting bulbs and plants in the high st I would like the permission of residents on the high st to plant bulbs and plants outside their houses to beautify our high st as I do not want to upset anybody so if you own a high st property please message me

Date 12/12/2015 12:05:15 Post reply
Name James   Email
Comments Three brushed steel curtain poles with rings. £10 to charity (?) - if anyone wants. Sizes: c160cm c220cm c280cm

Date 12/12/2015 08:31:07 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments I have created a facebook page to find out what support there is for a village shop and would like your comments here as well if you want to see the page just copy and paste the address below

Date 11/12/2015 17:43:28 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments I would like to remind everybody in Whitchurch we have a wonderful PublicHouse called the Greyhound run By our new landlord Nick with somew great staff a fantastic team with a great atmosphere that as the new landlord says if we do not use it we will lose it so lets give this Pub a bit of support as it is a lovely pub. I it is reun by a professional and very friendly team so please give them some support and start using it as it should be the hub of the community along with the ferryboat. I recent years it has struggled, if we take advantage as a community of this great commodity it will thrive and it will be the start of a thriving bussling community in our wonderful village. "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PUB" it is a very important part of our community that needs support now!!!
Date 11/12/2015 20:54:49 Post reply
Name Hilary Jensen   Email
Comments We had an excellent evening meal there a couple of weeks ago. The beers are good too!
Date 28/01/2016 15:05:07 Post reply
Name Claire Jury   Email
Comments I understand they have a new menu too, including a senior citizens' lunchtime menu

Date 08/12/2015 15:38:59 Post reply
Name Sarah Ashford   Email
Comments Found yesterday by football post on cricket field set of keys please email if they belong to you.

Date 06/12/2015 20:42:19 Post reply
Name Graham Dednum   Email
Comments I am most grateful to all who helped in the arrangements for the concert and for the fantastic support from the village in attending in what has become an annual event. The children of the primary school were magnificent and a credit to the hard work of Lucy Lombos. Remember to make a date for community Carol singing at the FB on 19th at 6.30
Date 07/12/2015 16:19:31 Post reply
Name Leslie Prater   Email
Comments Graham it is we who should be thanking you for such a memorable evening.....again.

Date 23/11/2015 10:34:09 Post reply
Name whitchurch theatre club   Email
Comments Tickets are still available for Gangsta Granny at the New Theatre Oxford on Saturday, 16th January, matinee performance. A substantial family discount is offered.

Date 17/11/2015 18:57:22 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments The Whitchurch Theatre Club is in need of an auditor as our present auditor, Tony Voysey is retiring. Year end is the end of January. AGM March. If interested please contact Chris Martin at the above email.

Date 17/11/2015 14:03:49 Post reply
Name Sue Evans   Email
Comments Stuck for a Christmas gift idea? Why not give the gift of wellbeing - Sue Evans is a local therapist who travels to local homes in Whitchurch to offer wellbeing, such as massage, reflexology, reiki, facials and birth workshops. Please contact 07799411994 to solve your gift list.

Date 09/11/2015 12:50:03 Post reply
Name Beth Baxter   Email
Comments Having a clear out and want to earn some money for Christmas presents? The pre-school can help. We’ll sell your items for you online and give you 50% of the earnings for doing absolutely nothing. We have a long way to go to break even this year and have come up with this business idea that’s a win-win for everyone. If you have old toys, furniture, bikes, electrical items or anything saleable please contact us and we’ll come round to collect the items and discuss a suitable target price. Contact or phone Kathleen on 0118 9844516

Date 08/11/2015 10:17:39 Post reply
Name Action for Pangbourne Toilets   Email
Comments Dear all, There will a public meeting on Tuesday 24th November at 7.30pm to discuss the future of the public toilets in Pangbourne. The residents campaign group has amassed a wealth of information to show that keeping the current toilets open will cost a lot less money than we were told. We had many signatures on our petition from Whitchurch villagers so please come along on 24th, and have your say. Many thanks! Mike, Ron, Ant, Lyn, Alyson, Ange & Dave The Action for Pangbourne Toilets campaign team

Date 07/11/2015 13:15:56 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments There is one spare ticket for Christmas Classic Carols at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, 15th December at 7.30pm Cost £50. Coach departs 4.00pm.

Date 24/10/2015 20:28:17 Post reply
Name john curtis
Comments Following on from Geoffrey weirs statement about the bridge being strong enough to allow hgvs to cross over, then why would the staff not allow the Higgins lorry to cross over so it could turn around in say the working mens club and prevent the carnage that occurred when the village was brought to a standstill at 3pm two weeks ago???
Date 24/10/2015 22:46:42 Post reply
Name Eleanor   Email
Comments I don't think it's wide enough at the toll booth to fit HGVs through. Could be wrong of course!
Date 26/10/2015 10:21:06 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir - Whitchurch Bridge Company   Email
Comments John raises a reasonable point as to where’s the best place to turn HGV’s when they arrive in the village, and I confirm that there is space on the southbound side for HGV’s to pass the Toll Booth if necessary. I’ve talked to Keith Brooks about the 2 recent incidents - Keith confirms that WoT PC is working on ideas to stop HGV’s arriving here in the first place, and will also look at ways of reducing disruption – including where to turn - when they do arrive. The Bridge Company will continue to engage with WoT PC on HGV problems and will support whatever plans are agreed to minimise the disruption caused.
Date 27/10/2015 08:24:30 Post reply
Name alison   Email
Comments Many, if not most, of these HGVs are on their way to Castrol in Whitchurch Hill. The sign-post (to Technology Centre) is not very obvious, especially to non-British truck drivers. Surely the first step should be to have better signage in Whitchurch Hill, perhaps including the icon of a lorry on a clearer sign to Castrol. I don't think the Toll Bridge is wide enough for HGVs to pass oncoming traffic. Finally, the problems of HGVs having to reverse and turn round to go back up the hill is greatly exacerbated by the ever increasing number of cars parking in the High Street (very few of them relating to the neighbouring houses). Nick Brazil's photos of the Higgins lorry highlight this problem very clearly.
Date 27/10/2015 09:06:36 Post reply
Name Allan   Email
Comments A few weeks ago I contacted a local councillor regarding signage saying Castrol at the top of the hill. I was told that the problem is a planning thing regarding the signage and that they are looking into it. Taking the lorries to the Working Mens Club to turn might be easier and quicker. But as I see it, all the traffic will have to be stopped first. At least by the railway bridge and Whichurch High Street to allow the lorries to get over the bridge and back due to their widths.

Date 22/10/2015 14:47:42 Post reply
Name Richard Wingfield, News Editor   Email
Comments Thank you Barbara for pointing that out - we will arrange for a new photo. We do have an up-to-date profile and photo of each councillor - links are on the Parish Council page.

Date 21/10/2015 10:02:43 Post reply
Name Barbara Robinson   Email
Comments I would like to suggest we have a new parish council photo on the parish council file.

Date 20/10/2015 16:40:01 Post reply
Name Alix Lynch   Email
Comments Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a local window cleaner (preferably from the village or Pangbourne). Thank you in advance Alix

Date 19/10/2015 17:25:10 Post reply
Name Kathleen Barrow   Email
Comments Job vacancy for an unqualified play assistant at Whitchurch on Thames pre school. Minimum three sessions per week. Term time only. Please see website or call 0118 9984 4516 for more information.

Date 18/10/2015 17:52:49 Post reply
Name Lissie Steward   Email
Comments This Friday 23rd of October is:- The Rugby World Cup Quiz at the Ferryboat Starting at 7.30pm Come along and show off your Rugby World Cup Knowledge Teams of 4 Please contact me Lissie Steward on 07751789107 to book your place.

Date 16/10/2015 20:21:14 Post reply
Name Allan Scriven   Email
Comments I am wondering why, that in the bends at the top of the hill, out of two large potholes by the side of the road only one was marked for and repaired.

Date 16/10/2015 09:44:14 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments Has anyone got BT Infinity working yet? I was given an activation date of 6th Oct, then they put it back to 13th Oct, to-day I’ve been told (only after I complained that it hadn’t been activated) that the order “failed” and it’s back to placing an order again. Maybe it’s called “Infinity” because of how long it takes to get it…..
Date 16/10/2015 11:35:00 Post reply
Name Jim Donahue   Email
Comments Yes - I got it this week - and was getting 50 Mbps on the speedchecker.
Date 16/10/2015 12:37:42 Post reply
Name Dave Bowen   Email
Comments We have had it around a week or so now. Installed on the correct date but don't get too excited, we're only getting around 26 mb.
Date 16/10/2015 14:11:33 Post reply
Name Marc Cresswell   Email
Comments Yep, it was activated without too much fuss on the 7th Oct. Getting 48Mbps download & 18Mbps upload speeds over wifi which isn't too shabby, although BT were originally forecasting a minimum 68Mbps. But overall very pleased with it.
Date 16/10/2015 14:56:57 Post reply
Name James   Email
Comments Yes - working well since 6th October. If using BT don't forget to claim free Sainsbury's voucher for £125.
Date 18/10/2015 10:57:17 Post reply
Name Adrian Dixon
Comments Had it since 7th October. It's running at about 15Mbits download and 10Mbits upload. That's three times faster than we had before, but nowhere near the advertised speed, of course.
Date 20/10/2015 18:11:02 Post reply
Name Dave Bowen   Email
Comments We've had BT Engineers out today as it seemed there was a fault on the line with our download speeds, however there is no fault. As we are 1000m from the Green Box we should only expect around 25Mbps. Not quite what I was expecting from their estimate of 60Mbps !

Date 15/10/2015 11:20:23 Post reply
Name Warren   Email
Comments I have found and taken a deceased cat from the side of the road near the bottom of Path HIll (not far from the gates of Hardwick). The unfortunate moggy is now at Pangbourne Vet to check for microchip or owner. The cat is black on top and tail, with white chest and legs. I have a picture if you think it may be yours or ring the vet.

Date 14/10/2015 14:48:13 Post reply
Name Angela Sidhu   Email
Comments Please can anyone recommend a plasterer? Thanks, Angela

Date 12/10/2015 19:07:26 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments The Club is going to see Gangsta Granny at the New Theatre Oxford on Saturday, 16th January at 2.30pm Suitable for children aged 5+. Non members are welcome if they would like to bring their children and/or grandchildren. Cost £34. Coach departs Pangbourne at 12.00pm.

Date 04/10/2015 19:03:31 Post reply
Name Adrian Coultas-Pitman   Email
Comments I am a local resident in Whitchurch and have had a Liquid Trek 55 full suspension stolen from me. The bike is 10 years old yet in mint condition, and strangely has road tyres on it as I recently road a canal path on it and have not changed the tyres. If this bike is offered to you or you can post this message elsewhere, please do so. I can you please call me on 07796940300 Thanks Ade

Date 01/10/2015 17:40:57 Post reply
Name Leslie Prater   Email
Comments Having been away for two weeks I was amazed to seethe rustic seating which has been put in the maze. I don't know who should receive the credit but congratulations and thanks are due.
Date 03/10/2015 10:12:57 Post reply
Name Sally Woolhouse   Email
Comments Brilliant isn't it?! This was installed by Tim Sheldon (from Hardwick Estate) and James Norman and was co-ordinated by Jim Donahue - it was ready in time for the Apple Juicing Day last Sunday (27th). It is very practical but sculptural too - a very welcome place to enjoy a picnic!

Date 29/09/2015 23:12:06 Post reply
Name Arife Vural   Email
Comments Free kids sandpit in a good conditions, needs a new home. Anybody interested in?

Date 26/09/2015 13:50:16 Post reply
Name Neil   Email
Comments I have found an item of value this week on the route to the railway station. Send me an email if you think it is yours or call 07979 751985.

Date 25/09/2015 10:21:18 Post reply
Name Peter Kemp   Email
Comments If you're not already aware, fibre broadband is at last available in the village!

Date 04/09/2015 08:28:30 Post reply
Name Will Skewes   Email
Comments I am looking for a garage to rent in Whitchurch for the storage only of a classic vehicle. Will be accessed occasionally and within social hours.... If any one has a garage/workshop/storage they are willing to rent please give me Will a call on 07590 681878. Thanks.

Date 30/08/2015 11:01:49 Post reply
Name Dida Kennedy   Email
Comments Gold bracelet found on Hardwick Road yesterday (29th Aug). Do please get in touch if you have lost one, or know someone who has.
Date 08/09/2015 13:46:08 Post reply
Name Valerie ledger   Email
Comments I have lost a small gold watch. I know you said a gold bracelet, so I am clutching at straws,but am trying all avenues to try to find this watch as it had belonged to my mother and therefore has sentiment attachments.. Many thanks, Valerie Ledger

Date 21/08/2015 14:25:41 Post reply
Name Sheridan Myers   Email
Comments We are currently recruiting for a local owner driver for the delivery of school meals in Whitchurch-on-Thames. Monday to Friday, in School Term Time only. Excellent Rate of Pay Approx 1 - 2 hours daily Between 11.25 and 1.30pm Please contact 0844 984 0330 if you are interested in applying for this position.

Date 21/08/2015 06:43:00 Post reply
Name Nick Brazil   Email
Comments Copies of "Billy Biscuit - The Colourful Life and Times of Sir William Curtis" from a new limited print run are now available for those who missed out last time. Price £16 per copy from Nick Brazil 01189841602

Date 20/08/2015 11:56:21 Post reply
Name Felipa   Email
Comments Free to a good home... - Light brown wood effect desk with pull-out shelf - Canon Pixma MP210 all-in-one photo printer Please contact Felipa on 07419 118449 if interested

Date 19/08/2015 12:04:06 Post reply
Name Graham Dednum   Email
Comments We have a Whirlpool heavy duty series 8 top loading washing machine in working order to give away on a 'first come' basis. Please contact Graham at the Ferryboat if you are interested.

Date 14/08/2015 12:41:51 Post reply
Name hugh cumming   Email
Comments I am a teacher who is starting a job at St Joseph's College in Reading in September. I used to teach at St Helen's Abingdon. I am looking for somewhere to rent in Whitchurch or the surrounding area (because I like it) preferably self-contained and detached, but I would also be interested in anything unusual like a barn, loft or houseboat etc. I have a permanent post but if there was something for a few months that would interest me too. If anyone has anything suitable or that they might think would be of interest I would be delighted if you would contact me. I currently live in my cottage in Wales but can easily come and see anything when convenient. Many thanks. Hugh Cumming.

Date 12/08/2015 20:10:55 Post reply
Name Alison   Email
Comments We're looking for a Graphic Designer; part time (@ 3 days per week) who has experience of both print and digital media. A recent grad looking for a 6-12 month (paid) placement would also be considered. Please email me if you know anyone or this is you - or you have any questions. Many thanks

Date 12/08/2015 14:18:13 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Primary   Email
Comments The School Lunch Company is seeking to recruit a Chef Manager for the Whitchurch Primary School. Hours per week 27.5 Monday–Friday, term time only. Enthusiasm essential, experience desirable, Training will be provided. Subject to an enhanced DBS check. For more details please contact: Les Redhead 07825344437

Date 11/08/2015 19:17:59 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments The theatre club has a trip going to Krakow in Poland next May for four days. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us.

Date 11/08/2015 14:22:45 Post reply
Name whitchurch theatre club   Email
Comments One spare ticket for The Merchant of Venice on Wednesday, 2nd September at Stratford. Cost £55. Coach departs 9.00am.

Date 11/08/2015 08:15:05 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments I have been tasked to form a working group for lack of a better word to beautify Whitchurch and am after Volunteers to join the working group, the tasks I envisage would include Flower Baskets (not this year but next year) ridding our streets of weeds and scrub areas, Maybe as well having a competition for the best Flower basket judged by a representative from the bridge company? which will have baskets on it as well, also best Flower Tubs and the most attractive Property/Business front. The suggestions I have made plus other suggestions gained from the first meeting of the working group which we could include in our remit would form the basis of a group that looks after the lovely village we live in and enhance our surroundings which would make life better for all who use or live in this area of outstanding natural beauty. So in short I would ask if anybody would like to join this group could you email me and we can get the ball rolling and make our already beautiful Village outstanding for the good of all. Many Regards Jonathan Steward
Date 11/08/2015 12:35:03 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir - Whitchurch Bridge Company   Email
Comments Good idea to beautify the village, but please be assured that any judging will definitely not be done by the Whitchurch Bridge Company, not least because we have no floral expertise. Also, it may not be possible to hang flower baskets on our parapet lights for structural reasons
Date 12/08/2015 08:42:37 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments Yes no problem Geoff I posted this before your email I will ask WOTHABS rep to judge the baskets in the future

Date 07/08/2015 23:23:39 Post reply
Name Claire Jury on behalf of The Greyhound   Email
Comments STAFF URGENTLY REQUIRED at The Greyhound Fantastic rates for fantastic staff. Requirements: Experience, reliability and loyalty. Call: 0118 996 8947 or pop in during open hours.

Date 03/08/2015 20:49:44 Post reply
Name Ali Reeve   Email
Comments I'd be very grateful if somebody could recommend a trustworthy and reliable cleaner to do general housework and some ironing.
Date 04/08/2015 09:41:43 Post reply
Name Sabina Reed   Email
Comments Hi Ali I have sent you an email regarding your post for a cleaner and ironing. Please let me know if you don't receive it

Date 29/07/2015 16:00:01 Post reply
Name Elizabeth Crowley   Email
Comments We are currently recruiting for a local owner driver for the delivery of school meals in Whitchurch-on-Thames. Monday to Friday, in School Term Time only. Excellent Rate of Pay Approx 1 - 2 hours daily Between 11.25 and 1.30pm Please contact 0844 984 0330 if you are interested in applying for this position.

Date 29/07/2015 17:07:46 Post reply
Name James   Email
Comments I'm after a painter / decorator to paint window frames (exterior) and not afraid of heights (townhouse)!. Any recommendations welcome, please. Thanks. James.

Date 29/07/2015 10:14:26 Post reply
Name John Curtis   Email
Comments Following on from johns request for issues there needs to be some form of residents parking badges to limit the carnage through the high street, as I'm sure we are all aware this is going to get much worse when the price hike to cross the bridge comes into force and people decide to park and walk from the high street!!, also cars parking at the high street end of manor road cause a huge obstruction and a danger by parking around the bend which I'm sure is probably in contravention to the highway code yet because we never see traffic enforcement officers it has become "open house" for people to park as they please... it's up to us as residents to set the ball rolling to sort this.
Date 07/08/2015 23:28:23 Post reply
Name Claire Jury   Email
Comments Some solution/compromise does need to be considered. Residents only will not help local businesses, but a time limit for non-residents may help (thinking of Meadowside Road/Horseshoe Road in Pangbourne)? And a low-loader was stuck recently, wanting to turn into Manor Road to deliver to the STW, because cars had parked too close to the end of Manor Road. Not sure what the solution is, but it does need to become a high priority with the PC before there is damage to parked vehicles.

Date 28/07/2015 19:38:52 Post reply
Name Peter Worsley   Email
Comments In response to Jonathan Steward's email. It is high time that the drains in the High street are emptied. They are full so all the sediment washed down accumulated at the junction with Manor Road. Worse, when it rains a lagoon forms making it very difficult for pedestrians. Note this is a crossing of a National Trail and the Whitchurch section is a disgrace.
Date 03/08/2015 11:09:28 Post reply
Name Melanie Hardwick   Email
Comments To add to Peter's request: if a visit by the council drain clearing team is arranged, please could they also clear the drains in Hardwick Road, as they are full to the top with debris and useless when it rains. I notified the council several months ago, but nothing has been done.

Date 25/07/2015 18:21:21 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments Over the past few weeks I have been trying to find out issues that need to be addressed on Manor road,If anybody has any issues they feel I can help with please email me and I will put my councillor hat on and try my best to deal with whatever issues you throw my way.

Date 23/07/2015 13:36:59 Post reply
Name Alison   Email
Comments Can anyone please recommend a Bookeeper? We're looking for someone 2 or 3 days a month with experience of cloud based accounting systems and preferably familiar with Xero accounting software. Please email me if you can help! Many thanks Alison
Date 23/07/2015 20:50:05 Post reply
Name Alison   Email
Comments Nothing to do with ghosts or spooking people... I mean bookkeeper !

Date 20/07/2015 21:45:24 Post reply
Name Keith Brooks   Email
Comments You may have noticed a picture on the cover of the latest edition of The Bulletin, this is of Stephen Trinder who sadly recently passed away. Stephen did so much for the Village; not least Chairing the Village Plan Committee and more recently donating a new bench and defibrillator for the Village to use. Stephen and I carried out many jobs together around the village and I will miss his enthusiasm and company very much. When I arranged for his picture to be placed on the cover, I omitted to refer to him in the text of the Bulletin and this has caused some confusion. Since I was the editor I have to hold up my hands and say sorry. Please accept my profound apology for any upset I have caused to anyone.

Date 15/07/2015 17:23:41 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments The annual Swan Upping Ceremony will pass under Whitchurch Bridge at about 1230 pm on Thursday 23rd July. The Queen’s Swan Marker, the Queen’s Swan Warden and the Swan Uppers of the Vintners’ and Dyers’ livery companies, all in their traditional scarlet uniforms in six traditional Thames rowing skiffs, will be looking out for this year’s cygnets which are then caught, weighed, marked and released. This historic ceremony dates from the 12th Century, when the Crown claimed ownership of all mute swans – so they could be eaten at royal feasts and banquets! Nowadays Swan Upping provides useful information to help with the welfare and conservation of the swan population.

Date 11/07/2015 16:05:30 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments There are also a few spare seats on the coach to Chichester on Wednesday, 19th August for anyone who would like a day out.

Date 09/07/2015 12:57:24 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments Please be aware that there is a big problem with dog mess in whitchurch, which is dangerous to children and everybody else if anybody has any ideas of how to stop this please email me
Date 11/07/2015 10:36:32 Post reply
Name Sally Woolhouse   Email
Comments We completely agreed with you, Jon - Pete removes mess from the Maze area on a daily basis, as well as bagged-up poo which is thrown in bushes and dangling from branches - disgusting!!! You only have to read the letters page in the Henley Standard to realise this is a very widespread problem. One idea used is to shame the culprits (or more precisely, their owners) by spraying the poo with bright spray paint. I'm not sure how effective this is. Another approach would be to enforce the fines but that of course needs proof and action by SODC.

Date 09/07/2015 11:30:59 Post reply
Name WhitchurchTheatreClub   Email
Comments There are some spaces on the coach going to the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday, 22nd July if anyone would like to join us.

Date 06/07/2015 19:24:41 Post reply
Name Helen Willis   Email
Comments Dark red specs are still waiting to be collected. I believe someone called round to get them but I was out and hadn't told the other occupants of Primrose Cottage where I'd put them. Sorry! If you call me first on 984 3620 we can arrange a convenient time for you to come to pick them up.

Date 06/07/2015 09:14:20 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments FOUND in our front garden: men's shirt and trousers, clean and in good condition.

Date 29/06/2015 21:40:18 Post reply
Name catherine   Email
Comments Hi, does anyone have or no of any stables/grazing to rent for 2-4 well behaved ponies? Many thanks

Date 26/06/2015 08:29:52 Post reply
Name Allan   Email
Comments I have a 6 string (steel) acoustic guitar for sale. £20 9842224

Date 24/06/2015 22:52:05 Post reply
Name nick plumridge   Email
Comments I just wanted to comment on how appalling and inconsiderate the parking was tonight by people attending the council meeting at the village hall in manor road. The owner of the black 4x4 parked at a ridiculous angle partly blocking the road just by the park should be ashamed. Next time i will publish number plates of offenders. If an emergency vehicle had to attend manor road tonight it would not have been able to squeeze through !!! Do you want the guilt of that on your mind ?? Please just park considerately thats all is asked. Thank you
Date 25/06/2015 13:05:04 Post reply
Name Jane Goodey   Email
Comments It was awful wasn't it, I couldn't believe that anyone in their right mind would leave their vehicle like that. It was the Camera Club last night I think.
Date 26/06/2015 05:54:53 Post reply
Name David Bowen   Email
Comments Yes, it was the camera club. We had a meeting in the small room however had to adjourn elsewhere as the camera club seemed to take over. I believe they were expecting a large group hence the large amount of cars.
Date 26/06/2015 08:27:48 Post reply
Name Allan Scriven   Email
Comments I wish to add to the complaints about the parked 4x4. I used my horn an few times, but to no avail.I drive a transit and could not get through on the road and had to back up and use the pavement and grass verge opposite.

Date 24/06/2015 18:51:16 Post reply
Name Helen Willis   Email
Comments I've just found a pair of dark red specs with 'diamonds' down the side of the frame and the arms on a windowsill at Primrose Cottage (next door to the Modern Art Gallery). Please come and collect them if they're yours.

Date 23/06/2015 14:38:14 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments The article in this week's Henley Standard regarding Village Green charges seems to suggest that the issue will just be put to the sports clubs and then the "full council". Aren't we getting the public consultation we were promised by the Parish Council please?

Date 21/06/2015 10:51:56 Post reply
Name Geoff Hird   Email
Comments Has anyone in Whitchurch got fast broadband? There was a News article on this website in February about a cabinet on the High St opposite the Greyhound, but every time I contact BT they say it's not available.
Date 22/06/2015 16:33:52 Post reply
Name Peter Reeve   Email
Comments Currently due to be ready by end of sept.

Date 15/06/2015 10:29:05 Post reply
Name Jane Maccaw   Email
Comments Expected pandemonium in the High Street! As I write, traffic lights are about to be erected at the junction of Hardwick Road for what looks like major road digging up for Gas. As there are quite a few parked cars there, plus scaffolding due at the cottage near The Art Gallery, I think we had better prepare for organised chaos! Does anyone know how long this work is scheduled to last?

Date 14/06/2015 17:46:42 Post reply
Name Sarah Dixon   Email
Comments We have been having a huge clear out of old filing and have a selection of empty box files and lever arch files - about 10 of each at the moment and counting! Would anyone like them?

Date 10/06/2015 10:17:38 Post reply
Name Warren   Email
Comments Missing Cat Update Unfortunately Sylvester has still not returned, nor has there been any sightings since he went missing. Please may I thank everyone who has helped in searching for him so far and also for putting up with our leaflets in their letterboxes and the posters around the village. Sylvester's last known location was a week ago in the garden of Svartisen House not too far along Hardwick Road. If anybody around the immediate area could please please double check their sheds, alleys, hedges, trees or pools etc, it would be much appreciated. He is never away from home for more than a couple of hours so a week is worrying for an older cat to be gone. There is a photo and poster link on the News part of the website. There is no evidence of anything bad yet, so we remain hopeful he may be found or return.
Date 10/06/2015 16:40:35 Post reply
Name Warren   Email
Comments Oh, and if you have any neighbours you know are away or on holiday the last week, keep an ear out to their garages. Thanks!

Date 08/06/2015 19:22:18 Post reply
Name Inez Kemp   Email
Comments On my way to school I found £5 on Hardwick Road today. If you think its yours give me a call on 01189845382 or else I will give it to Whitchurch school to buy something for the whole school.

Date 31/05/2015 17:37:22 Post reply
Name Martin Hardcaste   Email
Comments Rent me a garage please? I'm looking to rent a garage for a VW Golf. Long term or short term, can adapt to suit. Direct Debit with deposit if required. Preferably near the Hillside Properties on Hardwick Road, but will consider others. Thank you, Martin - 8 Hillside m. 07800 022007

Date 31/05/2015 09:55:52 Post reply
Name James Statham   Email
Comments Hi. Does anyone have, or know of someone in the village or nearby that has a Canadian canoe that is looking for a new home? If so, we're looking for one to buy for family use this summer. Thanks.

Date 28/05/2015 09:37:59 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments Although I do understand, and agree with, Richard William's point, I have to comment that both the existing yellow paving and the "refuge" outside the Meetings Room only happened as a result of long drawn out pressure from the Parish Council. The argument then was that the risk to pedestrians was unacceptable. Things are a little tricky when you consider such things as surface water run-off, but maybe an increase in both traffic numbers and vehicle size could persuade OCC to move. In the current environment it would need a substantial campaign to shift it. In the meantime, re-painting the dummy pavement lines would make the road look like a single track again. In the past we have found such things to be surprisingly effective. Recently getting OCC to do even that has been difficult.

Date 27/05/2015 14:22:51 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments I want to make all the pensioners in the village and carers and the people they care for aware that on tuesdays at 10.30 till 12 their is a coffee morning at the old stables hall nearley opposite the ferryboat, lots of village people use it so instead of sitting at home on your own why not go down and enjoy coffee and a biscuit, they would love to see you if you need help to get there just phone me on 07857948026 and I will see if I can get you some help to get there

Date 26/05/2015 10:35:46 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments Over the years I have attended several NAG meetings, usually in Pangbourne. The Neighbourhood Action Group meetings are gatherings of representatives from the near-by Parish Councils to discuss common problems. As might be expected, the police presence is always important. One thing that did keep cropping up at the meetings I attended was the question of what to do about teenagers, often as groups, with nothing to do and time to kill. As the old saying goes, the Devil will find use for idle hands. The water meadows, for example, with the play area and playing fields alongside, does not have any items specifically intended to be attractive to teenagers. Nevertheless, the police are called there frequently. The sort of thing is that a group will collect on the water meadows and while there is a police presence will behave immaculately. When the police have to move on to other duties the restraint is removed. It has been known for a group to light a fire in the middle of the meadow. The “Blackberry Grape Vine” can bring a couple of hundred together from all over Berkshire in minutes, especially when there is no ticket collector on Pangbourne station. I have encountered such a group on the South side of the bridge. The particular crowd was very well behaved and it was a pleasure to meet them as individuals. But in that atmosphere the combination of a few lads with a little too much alcohol on board and a couple of young ladies wearing very short skirts can be the trigger for all sorts of nonsense. My point is simply that before you wake up one morning to find a bonfire scar in the middle of our Village Green cricket pitch, please make sure that all the consequences are understood and evaluated before suggestions for any changes at the Village Green are put forward. Particularly if they involve items which would be attractive to teenagers.

Date 25/05/2015 15:27:24 Post reply
Name Graham Dednum   Email
Comments The traffic calming measures, such as they are, at the lower narrows are proving insufficient to cope with the inconsiderate motorists who pass through the village. On a daily basis you can witness many swerving onto the paved area to avoid a potential collision and listen to very 'colourful' language as drivers accuse each other of ignoring the give way signage. The increase of traffic since the Reading Bridge has been closed may be filling the coffers of the bridge company but, realistically, with or without the increased level of traffic, my view is that unless some improved calming measures are introduced, it's only a matter of time before an accident will happen. Maybe the Parish Council,will address this situation
Date 27/05/2015 17:25:23 Post reply
Name Richard Williams   Email
Comments There is a particular problem at the lower narrows that you don't see in the upper narrows where there is an obvious physical barrier discouraging opportunist drivers from taking a chance. My view is that a number of drivers see the "neutral zone" outside the Pub as fair game especially if they are proceeding north into the village whereby the vehicle going south would be the one forced onto the pedestrian area even if they were first into the zone. Seen this a number of times and indeed happened to me on Bank Hol Monday when I was half way across before a vehicle failed to give way. Unfortunately, this the attitude these days and the only way to stop this would be to build a kerb outside the pub with just a small opening for the car-park.

Date 21/05/2015 20:49:17 Post reply
Name Jonathan Steward   Email
Comments Anybody in Whitchurch interested in playing village Cricket please email me because YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!! we would love to have you we want more people to join the ones we have from the village. You do not have to be good you can learn as you go the age range we have is from 14 to 60 so you will not feel out of place whoever you are.

Date 15/05/2015 07:49:52 Post reply
Name Gary Stovell   Email
Comments Man's watch found on village green near one of the football posts - email me if you've lost your watch.

Date 10/05/2015 11:03:33 Post reply
Name Leslie Prater   Email
Comments I hope that the election of a new Parish Council will provide the opportunity of making a fresh start to the issues where unnecessary acrimony has been caused by mis-understandings on each side of the parties concerned

Date 07/05/2015 10:51:43 Post reply
Name Jeanette Spear   Email
Comments I had an unexpected surprise appeared on your site this morning in the shape of my gorgeous mare on your front page. Someone was up very early to get that shot. Thank you very much
Date 10/05/2015 15:19:26 Post reply
Name Jim Donahue   Email
Comments Thanks Jeanette - glad you liked it!

Date 05/05/2015 17:37:12 Post reply
Name Sarah McGlyne   Email
Comments Thank you David for pointing this out. I (and some 10 others) attended the recent PC meeting as resident parents of young children. I live in the village as do the very vast majority of the families who use our village school. I personally see the village school, just as the pubs and church, as the epicentre of our community. Surely it is undesirable to single out certain parishioner groups, whether they be school children, church goers or dog-walkers... A community split in this way will fast lose its cohesion. I understand that budgets are tight and to that end was perplexed that certain PC members seemed to be justifying charging on the basis of the trees they'd decided to plant. The village has plenty of trees in it already. Surely living within budget must be preferable than spending on things which aren't necessary and then attempting to charge for it? I do not understand why genuinely needed costs can't be funded through the parish council tax. Surely any increase would be negligible on a household basis. As an aside, what PC members may not understand, as the PC make-up sadly does not include anyone currently associated with the village school, is the level of austerity which has already hit the education sector (and who knows after Thursday). Last year, the school parent body raised funds to pay for pens and clocks in one classroom. We are not talking luxuries here. This year, the school is having to expand, as for a few years it has struggled to accommodate all the children in the village. There is some local authority funding for this, but parents are currently fundraising for chairs and tables etc in the new classroom. This is the reality. If the school are charged, they either have to divert some of the little discretionary spend they have or the children of this village will be precluded from using our community space for sporting activity. Is this the type of community we wish to live in? It is with this perspective that some of us came to the meeting. We are not members of sports clubs. We live in the village and were interested to hear a pragmatic discussion around a proposal put forward by 2 village residents. We heard no proper discussion. I note some PC candidates for Thursday's election have been posting fliers, but amazingly have made no mention of this issue. I would appreciate it if they could have the honesty to flag their own personal views on the matter ahead of our opportunity to speak on Thursday.
Date 05/05/2015 18:17:44 Post reply
Name David Bowen   Email
Comments As I have said on my election flyer, if elected I would seek to keep costs to a minimum for everybody concerned, both users of the green and residents with any increase in council tax. My understanding is the Cricket Club are only too happy to maintain the grass and presumably the bush's on a voluntary basis or for the small cost of petrol for the lawnmower. I'm at a loss as to why this offer was not taken up which would have saved some money being spent on contractors having to do the work. As a village we all seem to pull together when faced with challenges and I'm quite sure other volunteers would come forward to assist with keeping the Village Green in good order for everybody to enjoy. Other than the initial expense of the car park being built and fencing etc. I would envisage the only expenses looking forward would be for grass cutting and any tree work that may need to be carried out.
Date 08/05/2015 20:54:10 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments Just to clear up a few things: The Cricket Club were invited to the PC meeting to discuss their proposal to buy the Green for £5,000 and the new annual fees. I believe the cost of purchasing the trees and benches (not to mention the circa £25,000 car park) were mentioned in reference to the low, proposed purchase price, rather than the ongoing maintenance costs. It is the mature trees, not the new ones that are an ongoing cost concern for the foreseeable. One other very important point: two councillors met with the school to discuss village green use and possible fees. They were then due to report back on whether fees would be appropriate. Unlike the sports clubs, the PC had not decided to charge the school, and hasn’t even yet heard those councillors recommendations to date. Unfortunately, any implications that the school received a demand or invoice are misleading. As for the offer by the Cricket Club to maintain the green for free, in order to meet legal requirements, the club was asked to provide a tender (all be it for £0) for the contract and to provide proof of adequate insurance. This didn’t happen.
Date 09/05/2015 14:34:10 Post reply
Name Peter Kemp   Email
Comments Just to clear up on a key point. David Mattimoe and myself NOT the cricket club, proposed to set up a Trust (using our own personal funds) to purchase and maintain the Village Green in perpetuity so as to provide a way of guaranteeing a FREE amenity for all. If the Parish Council were not planning to charge the school, why did it take the PC meeting attended by myself and fellow upset parents and teaching staff, to secure a guarantee from the Chairman to allow our children to continue to use the Green for free, until a proper public consultation has taken place?
Date 09/05/2015 20:01:23 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments I apologise: I should have specified that it wasn't the Cricket Club itself offering to purchase the Green. The purchase proposal repeatedly referred to the Village Green as the Cricket Ground which confused me. Thank-you for the correction. At no time was the school told to stop using the Green or told to pay for its use by the Parish Council before or since the last PC meeting. Any information/gossip to the contrary is, as I've said, misleading.
Date 09/05/2015 20:11:59 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments In fact, both Parish Councillors that visited the school decided that they would report back recommending that the PC vote NOT to charge the school. Councillor Slatter felt so strongly about the matter that she actually wrote out a personal cheque, at the consultation with the school, for the full annual charge just in case the school was asked to pay after a vote. The cheque has since been returned as it became obvious that the vast majority, if not all, Parish Councillors would follow the representatives' recommendation.

Date 05/05/2015 10:38:16 Post reply
Name Geoff Hird   Email
Comments Do anyone know how many votes we each get in the Parish election on Thursday? With 7 posts to be filled, do we get several votes?
Date 05/05/2015 12:25:42 Post reply
Name alison   Email
Comments My understanding is that for the Parish Council election you have 7 votes for 7 seats - though you don't need to use them all if you don't want to. Simply use as many or as few votes as you wish. I am sure that it will be clearly explained on the ballot paper.
Date 05/05/2015 14:23:43 Post reply
Name David Bowen   Email
Comments I would assume 7 votes, one for each of the 7 posts.

Date 03/05/2015 15:00:51 Post reply
Name John   Email
Comments Whitchurch Hill Fete. A Fun Day out for all the family! Saturday May 23rd, starting at 2pm. Where? As usual, the Recreation Ground, Whitchurch Hill. Stalls, Raffle, Fairground Attractions, BBQ, Beer Tent, Tea and Cakes. Fun.

Date 29/04/2015 09:48:38 Post reply
Name Peter Reeve   Email
Comments Another request for a tradesperson...... Does anyone know a local plasterer who would do a small job? Thanks, Pete
Date 06/05/2015 09:40:29 Post reply
Name Peter Dragonetti   Email
Comments Graham Iven;he lives in Caversham and advertises in the Henley Standard

Date 24/04/2015 12:10:08 Post reply
Name Peter Reeve   Email
Comments For what it's worth, I agree with David that some sort of consultation or survey of the villagers seems the only logical way to sort this out. Whatever the history there is a cost to upkeep the green. Either the villagers pay for it through local tax, or the users contribute either with fees or help.
Date 28/04/2015 11:29:28 Post reply
Name Stewart House
Comments There have been several postings regarding charges for sporting groups using the village green, which is all very interesting, but without any specified figures means little. Assuming 11 on each team, therefore 22 players on a pitch, how much is the average cost per player per game? Are we talking around the £5 mark? Is it the cost or principle which is really under discussion?
Date 02/05/2015 08:04:22 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments Good morning, The cricket club were approached for a contribution of £400 per annum. FYI, the club have booked the Green for 32 home games this year. Regards, Laura
Date 06/05/2015 09:22:49 Post reply
Name Stewart House
Comments Thank you Laura for putting the financials into perspective for the proposed sporting clubs village green charges. It is obviously a point of principle for these groups, as £400 pa for 32 games works out at just £0.57 per player per game (*assuming 22 players in a match), which is less than a one way (proposed) bridge crossing! My view is that the charge should be a token £1 per player per game with no charge for under 16's, whether school or otherwise, to encourage participation in this younger age group. A village consultation is a solid approach, but I believe it is helpful to put some figures behind the message board discussion

Date 23/04/2015 19:31:06 Post reply
Name James   Email
Comments Anyone have any suggestions for home insurance that includes flood protection? Just got renewal through from Home Protect and the premium and excess have gone through the roof after last year's floods, although we didn't flood ourselves.
Date 27/04/2015 15:27:21 Post reply
Name Andy Heaps   Email
Comments The NFU were good with our previous house that was at risk of flooding. You might need to send them further details as part of the process of getting a quote: Local flood map areas from the environment agency Any protection you have in place such as flood gates, raising wall levels in front of the house etc.
Date 29/04/2015 16:18:30 Post reply
Name David Bowen   Email
Comments Up until this year our premium was loaded by 50% for flood protection and had a huge excess for any claim for flooding however this year we are unable to find an insurer that will even cover for flooding. Even though our garden was under 3' of water our home was still well above the flood water last winter yet we still can't get cover. I would assume that most insurers are going to be very wary after last winters floods, particularly for those on Eastfield Lane.
Date 30/04/2015 10:23:43 Post reply
Name Andy Heaps   Email
Comments Do a search on Flood:Re as this comes into effect this summer and is something to bear in mind. Quite what it means for premiums and excesses is somewhat difficult to decipher!

Date 20/04/2015 14:32:30 Post reply
Name Olivia Richardson   Email
Comments POSITION TO FILL Hardwick Estate Secretary 16 hours/week Seeking a committed part time secretary for Hardwick Estate. To act as PA for Sir Julian Rose and coordinate the estate's forestry and grazing rentals business. Roles entailed: Book-keeping (including VAT returns), PA and other secretarial work, minute taking, website administration, management of grazing and camping rentals. How to apply: Please contact Olivia Richardson at for more information on 01189 842955. Please submit a CV and a covering letter detailing your interest in, and suitability for the job by the 22nd May. Interviews will take place on 1st June 2015 and the job will begin in July 2015.

Date 18/04/2015 19:20:36 Post reply
Name Leslie Prater   Email
Comments My wife and I had the pleasure of moving to this lovely village and took up residence in October 2013 in the new house on the Village Green. We are dismayed by the apparent acrimony which has arisen following the gift by the Whitlocks to the Parish Council on their sale of the plot of land where our house now sits. Surely conciliation would be more appropriate than confrontation and I trust that the proposed public consultation will take place, following the election. In such a small village, we should surely all be pulling together for the benefit of everyone.

Date 16/04/2015 11:48:52 Post reply
Name David Mattimoe   Email
Comments I feel the need to correct the news bulletin "Users object to charges for Village Green" as it did not accurately describe what occurred at the Parish Council meeting. Firstly, of the more than 20 in attendance, only 7 (3 of whom are residents) were from the Cricket Club. The vast majority were parents from the school as well as Mrs Chester, the headmistress and Mr Jones, the sports teacher. Secondly, Peter Kemp and I were invited to present our proposal to create a trust to purchase and maintain the Village Green in perpetuity from our own personal funds. We thought that the council's recent decision to charge users showed little interest in encouraging local sports and lack of generosity in spirit, especially to the school. See the Parish Council minutes below: "February 2015 Cllr. Slatter raised the question of the ongoing maintenance of the village green and the cost of doing this. She proposed that charges be made for the use of the VG and that they be implemented if possible by April. The various sports clubs that use the green, the football and cricket clubs would be charged. Also the School cannot use the VG as an extension of their playground for sports as they are a County Council funded school so should be paying for the use of the facility. The Clerk to follow up with the School and obtain from other parishes what they charge for their recreation facilities." Our proposal was given no consideration, only ridicule. If the Parish Council treats generous offers from village residents with derision, who are they serving? I hope that the new council is more willing to work WITH local groups in future in a spirit of consultation and cooperation. Sincerely, David Mattimoe
Date 16/04/2015 19:03:49 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments I speak as a former Parish Councillor for 26 years. I think perhaps some of the newer residents in the village don’t understand the history of the cricket field and the generosity of the Whitlock family in donating it to the village, and that the Parish Council (PC) has been rather heavy handed in its approach to the cricket club and others about charges. The cricket club, the school and and other users of the village green are surely entitled to proper consultation on the changes under consideration by the PC. I do hope that some sensible mediation can be put in place to sort this matter out. We shouldn’t forget that we wouldn’t have a village green were it not for the generosity of the cricket-loving Whitlocks.
Date 17/04/2015 08:50:40 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments Please accept my personal reply, these are not necessarily the views of the Parish Council. Thank-you for quoting the February minutes, Mr. Mattimoe, and clarifying what I have been trying to convey: there was no decision made by the PC to invoice the school or pre-school. The PC felt that it was only proper that the school's use of the Green should be explored further, but Councillors did not vote to charge the school and that includes Councillor Slatter: who would in no way expect the school to have to pay having been Chairman of Governors for 4 years. In my opinion, Whitchurch is in danger of losing good Parish Councillors, one way or another, over misinterpretation of the facts. At this stage, it would be very nice if the Cricket Club could agree to stand by the results of a village consultation if the new PC accept the old Council's proposal and holds one. As an aside I, personally, do not find an offer of £5000 to buy the Village Green to be a generous offer - it seems representation and generosity are both subjective.
Date 17/04/2015 11:04:29 Post reply
Name Kate Thatcher   Email
Comments We would not have a village green if it were not for huge time and effort by the Parish Council and other members of the Parish. The Whitelocks received a substantial sum in the deal that was finally reached and in no way gifted the land to the village. Anyone who uses the village hall pays a contribution to it's upkeep. Why should villagers who do not use the hall pay for it in entirety? The village green is the same, particularly as many of the users are not members of the Parish. I have absolutely no doubt that the PC is doing what is thought best for the Parish, the councillors put in hours of unpaid work to help support and run the village amenities and little thanks they get for it.
Date 08/05/2015 07:57:04 Post reply
Name Jon
Comments I think Mr Mattimoe is completely right, as for charges how can you spend money on a grass cutting service and pruning when I have offered to carry on a roll that I did for years before and look after all those jobs for free. What a ridiculous thing to do to pay money to get a job done when somebody with a proven record of looking after it well has offered to do if for free constantly for the past 5 years. STUPID ABSOLUTELY STUPID!!!

Date 12/04/2015 17:21:38 Post reply
Name Caty Johnston   Email
Comments Does anyone know of anyone locally who deals withPC/laptop problems? Thanks in advance!
Date 13/04/2015 23:14:20 Post reply
Name Adrian Dixon
Comments ASAP computers in pangbourne have done several jobs well for me - 0118 9845005
Date 15/04/2015 14:56:52 Post reply
Name Jason Smith   Email
Comments Computer repairs and IT support in and around Reading. Email given here isn't the business one, it's used for spam, just in case we get sent some via this board. Phone 07879 476 399 with any problems you may have. Things we fix: Computers, laptops, servers, printers, phones tablets. Things we don't fix: cars, electric razors, kettles, cookers, microwaves.

Date 06/04/2015 19:45:32 Post reply
Name Matthew Bucknall   Email
Comments WANTED: Small workshop (or patch of land to erect shed) to rent in the Whitchurch/Pangbourne area for light metalworking purposes (nothing related to vehicle repair). I require about 80-100 square feet of space with or without single-phase electricity (if without, I will need to be permitted to use a small, quiet diesel generator). Weekend and evening access essential, vehicle access preferable. If you have such a space available, please contact me via e-mail or on 07730 265904 any time, thanks.

Date 04/04/2015 11:54:51 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments We have three spare tickets for The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie at the Rose Theatre, Kingston on Thursday, 7th May. Coach departs Pangbourne at 11.30am. Cost £28.

Date 03/04/2015 18:11:25 Post reply
Name Mel Taylor   Email
Comments Can anyone recommend an electrician?
Date 07/04/2015 19:25:40 Post reply
Name Pete Reeve   Email
Comments Hi Try Steve Folland 0118 948 4134 Based in Caversham and I've been using him for years. Pete

Date 01/04/2015 13:32:40 Post reply
Name Sally Woolhouse   Email
Comments Re exciting News item on new Space Research project posted yesterday - let's hope that the probing into space won't encourage the little green men to beam down into our midst. I think Whitchurch has already had its fair share of excitement for while!!

Date 27/03/2015 08:13:26 Post reply
Name Pete Reeve   Email
Comments Good morning, can anyone recommend a window cleaner they have been using for a while please? Thanks, Pete
Date 27/03/2015 10:21:34 Post reply
Name Pam Scott   Email
Comments We have been using R D Maldon for around 25 years and they are very reliable. They also do gutter, facia & soffit cleaning. Mobile: 07884 437591.

Date 24/03/2015 12:55:08 Post reply
Name Nick Brazil   Email
Comments Over the past week I have been intermittently locked out of my Bt Yahoo e-mail address with a message from BT saying there had been "unusual activity" on my site and it has been compromised. Their suggested solution of downloading anti virus software and changing passworsds makes no difference. Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?
Date 25/03/2015 08:53:01 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments Hi Nick: this is a classic example of a rash of tedious emails that the police are currently warning about. They are all devices to get you to click on something which the perpetrator will then use to try and get money from you. I get a lot of them. The important thing is to recognise a scam for what it is and delete it immediately and permanently.

Date 24/03/2015 12:05:54 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments Is your dog missing? A black labrador with a blue collar just came into our garden. Unfortunately, the dog went over into the care home garden when I tried to encourage it towards me. I will keep trying to catch it!

Date 17/03/2015 19:23:41 Post reply
Name Caroline   Email
Comments Is anyone considering selling their house in Whitchurch on Thames? We love the village. Especially Eastfield Lane.

Date 17/03/2015 15:20:44 Post reply
Name Kate Dyer   Email
Comments Probably the same people who threw a number of used batteries in to the hedge and alpaca field in the same area last week. And probably the same people who were recently flinging bags of dog poo in to the bushes for entertainment!

Date 17/03/2015 12:18:14 Post reply
Name Sally Woolhouse   Email
Comments Vandals have been at work overnight at the Hardwick Rd village entrance. All the posts, signage and sturdy oak boards protecting the drainage grips have been removed. WoTHabs has had loads of positive feedback from the community about the south verge walkway and now it has been made unusable again. Any information about who may have done this or why would be very welcome please!

Date 06/03/2015 14:29:13 Post reply
Name Graham   Email
Comments We have a vacancy for a second chef at The Ferryboat. Should anyone be interested, or know of a suitable candidate, please have them contact us on 0118 984 2161 or email CV to

Date 18/02/2015 17:30:04 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments SODC have rejected the latest planning application for Eastfield House but it can still go to appeal. In any case the existing Inspector's decree still enables the earlier application to proceed. Whatever the outcome, a building of the size proposed will need the services of many very large trucks over an extended period. Maybe anyone who has noted Nick Brazil's pictures of the recent behemoth which tried to back into Eastfield Lane might like to share their thoughts as a message to this board.

Date 15/02/2015 12:09:24 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments First Great Western have announced that there will be NO TRAINS at Pangbourne for 10 full days over Easter, from Friday 3rd April to Sunday 12 April. Buses will be provided, but on some days the nearest stations with trains will be Didcot and Hayes. More details on the FGW website.
Date 24/02/2015 10:29:00 Post reply
Name James Statham   Email
Comments For those with season tickets from Pangbourne, tickets will be honoured from Theale. Not great, but there are direct trains rather than the bus / train change combination.
Date 28/02/2015 18:12:32 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments Worth noting that on Tue 7th - Sat 11th April there WILL be trains at Tilehurst and Goring (on the mainline platforms). On these days connecting buses will run between Tilehurst and Goring stations calling at Pangbourne station.

Date 12/02/2015 11:26:14 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments Two spare tickets fo Cadogan Hall SW1 on Friday, 27th March. Programme includes Mendolssohn's Hebrides overture. Cost £42. Coach departs 4.00pm.