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Date 24/03/2015 12:55:08 Post reply
Name Nick Brazil   Email
Comments Over the past week I have been intermittently locked out of my Bt Yahoo e-mail address with a message from BT saying there had been "unusual activity" on my site and it has been compromised. Their suggested solution of downloading anti virus software and changing passworsds makes no difference. Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?
Date 25/03/2015 08:53:01 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments Hi Nick: this is a classic example of a rash of tedious emails that the police are currently warning about. They are all devices to get you to click on something which the perpetrator will then use to try and get money from you. I get a lot of them. The important thing is to recognise a scam for what it is and delete it immediately and permanently.

Date 24/03/2015 12:05:54 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments Is your dog missing? A black labrador with a blue collar just came into our garden. Unfortunately, the dog went over into the care home garden when I tried to encourage it towards me. I will keep trying to catch it!

Date 17/03/2015 19:23:41 Post reply
Name Caroline   Email
Comments Is anyone considering selling their house in Whitchurch on Thames? We love the village. Especially Eastfield Lane.

Date 17/03/2015 15:20:44 Post reply
Name Kate Dyer   Email
Comments Probably the same people who threw a number of used batteries in to the hedge and alpaca field in the same area last week. And probably the same people who were recently flinging bags of dog poo in to the bushes for entertainment!

Date 17/03/2015 12:18:14 Post reply
Name Sally Woolhouse   Email
Comments Vandals have been at work overnight at the Hardwick Rd village entrance. All the posts, signage and sturdy oak boards protecting the drainage grips have been removed. WoTHabs has had loads of positive feedback from the community about the south verge walkway and now it has been made unusable again. Any information about who may have done this or why would be very welcome please!

Date 06/03/2015 14:29:13 Post reply
Name Graham   Email
Comments We have a vacancy for a second chef at The Ferryboat. Should anyone be interested, or know of a suitable candidate, please have them contact us on 0118 984 2161 or email CV to

Date 18/02/2015 17:30:04 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments SODC have rejected the latest planning application for Eastfield House but it can still go to appeal. In any case the existing Inspector's decree still enables the earlier application to proceed. Whatever the outcome, a building of the size proposed will need the services of many very large trucks over an extended period. Maybe anyone who has noted Nick Brazil's pictures of the recent behemoth which tried to back into Eastfield Lane might like to share their thoughts as a message to this board.

Date 15/02/2015 12:09:24 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments First Great Western have announced that there will be NO TRAINS at Pangbourne for 10 full days over Easter, from Friday 3rd April to Sunday 12 April. Buses will be provided, but on some days the nearest stations with trains will be Didcot and Hayes. More details on the FGW website.
Date 24/02/2015 10:29:00 Post reply
Name James Statham   Email
Comments For those with season tickets from Pangbourne, tickets will be honoured from Theale. Not great, but there are direct trains rather than the bus / train change combination.
Date 28/02/2015 18:12:32 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments Worth noting that on Tue 7th - Sat 11th April there WILL be trains at Tilehurst and Goring (on the mainline platforms). On these days connecting buses will run between Tilehurst and Goring stations calling at Pangbourne station.

Date 12/02/2015 11:26:14 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments Two spare tickets fo Cadogan Hall SW1 on Friday, 27th March. Programme includes Mendolssohn's Hebrides overture. Cost £42. Coach departs 4.00pm.

Date 10/02/2015 10:53:21 Post reply
Name Graham   Email
Comments Our femal assistant chef is looking for accommodation in the area, ideally a room with en-suite facility. Excellent references can be provide. Please contact me at The Ferryboat so I can put you in direct contact.

Date 04/02/2015 16:49:21 Post reply
Name Eleanor Sugrue   Email
Comments Regarding the new cabinet on the high street... It's all part of the fibre rollout. The Pangbourne exchange has been updated but local cabinets need to be installed / upgraded in order for us to eventually be able to use it. You can check progress on the openreach site:

Date 27/01/2015 09:40:30 Post reply
Name Shirley   Email
Comments For Sale: New built in electric oven and gas hob. No box for oven as we were going to fit it, but we decided to go with a free standing cooker. All serious offer considered.

Date 22/01/2015 09:36:38 Post reply
Name Angela   Email
Comments Does anyone know a good plumber they can recommend? I need to replace bath and basin taps. The current ones have copper tails and so pipework will have to be extended to allow it to meet with the new taps (without copper tails). A funny request, but he/she would have to be nimble and slim as the access to the bath taps is a tight squeeze!
Date 07/02/2015 20:53:09 Post reply
Name Angela   Email
Comments Thanks to everyone who answered my plea for a plumber. All should be sorted this week. Thanks again

Date 19/01/2015 17:39:55 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments We have two spare tickets for the musical Barnum at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton on Thursday, 18th June. Cost £50. Coach departs 9.30am. One ticket for The Merchant of Venice in Stratford on Wednesday, 2nd September. Cost £55. Coach departs 9.00am.

Date 07/01/2015 14:09:37 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments I've just found a camera battery on Hartlock Bridleway. Please get in touch if you've lost one.

Date 06/01/2015 13:40:49 Post reply
Name John Gray   Email
Comments In boxes, never used: I have some flat pack furniture that was never used (change of plans). A wardrobe, chest of drawers, and a dressing table. It's pine, but of course it can be painted. Might suit spare rooms, or a second property? Collect and take away - £40. I'm in Whitchurch Hill. John.
Date 09/01/2015 13:47:13 Post reply
Name Jane Goodey   Email
Comments Hello John, I wonder if you still have this furniture? I am really interested as we are about to do up our spare room and could really do with some additional furniture to go into it, Thanks Jane
Date 18/01/2015 15:58:02 Post reply
Name John   Email
Comments Apologies, Jane. I nay spotted your reply today. I have sold the furniture, and again I'm sorry I didn't respond to you sooner.
Date 18/01/2015 20:22:38 Post reply
Name John
Comments Typo in above fill working overtime again! I meant 'I only spotted...' not 'nay spotted'. J

Date 06/01/2015 11:50:52 Post reply
Name Adrian Dixon   Email
Comments I have two fully working 22 inch flat screen computer monitors which I don't need any more. Standard VGA plug, 1920 by 1080 size. Does anyone want one or both of them? Free to good home! 0118 984 4262
Date 07/01/2015 13:12:59 Post reply
Name Adrian Dixon
Comments Monitors now claimed!

Date 05/01/2015 15:19:28 Post reply
Name Alison   Email
Comments Wanted ** Housekeeper - Full Time ** Can anyone recommend a good housekeeper please? Its a full time (Monday to Friday) role in Whitchurch -on -Thames. Its a lovely large house and someone dog friendly is preferred! Car provided for all associated work duties Please email me or forward my email address to anyone you know who might be interested Many thanks Alison

Date 31/12/2014 20:22:59 Post reply
Name WhitchurchTheatreClub   Email
Comments We now have three spare tickets for Miss Saigon on Thursday, 8th January. Total cost £67. Coach departs Pangbourne at 11.00am

Date 31/12/2014 12:49:17 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments There are two spare tickets for The Merchant of Venice at Stratford on Wednesday, 2nd September. Total cost £55. Coach departs Pangbourne at 9.00am.

Date 23/12/2014 13:34:55 Post reply
Name Dave Bowen   Email
Comments This problem has been created by the Bridge Company and I believe they should be held to account to resolve the problem and work with the PC in this matter. This was not an issue prior to the bridge reconstruction and has only come about as a result of people being forced to change habits such as alternative routes and as we are now seeing, parking in the high street and walking across. This is something that makes great financial sense bearing in mind current costs. Another issue since the bridge has reopened is the new high speed barriers. While this may mean more pounds per hour to the bridge company it also means more cars per hour in our tiny village. Quite simply, if the Bridge company increased the time to pass through the barrier this would slow traffic down and thus reduce this problem. This could be done very simply by slowing the barrier down or employing less efficient staff. Perhaps staff could be issued with some light reading material to keep them occupied. Another suggestion would be to adopt the same approach as the Dartford Crossing. The situation there is the tolls would be in place until the bridge was paid for. Tolls were kept in place as a "congestion charge" to reduce traffic on the crossing. Perhaps the Bridge Company could provide the village with an increase in tolls to such a level that it is not economic for the casual user to cross the bridge when travelling from some distance. A local toll could then be subsidised for those who are held hostage by the bridge and have no choice but to use it. A suggestion of say reducing the toll to those living in the area out as far as say Woodcote at 20p with a main toll of somewhere around £1 or even £2 to reduce congestion. In addition, automatic number plate recognition technology could be introduced to reduce waiting time at the bridge to get out of the village and also reduce staff costs. Traffic calming measures are all very well however there are a number of other areas in the village desperately requiring the same. While the bridge was closed traffic in Eastfield Lane going to the school was considerably reduced. John states it took 20 minutes trying to get to manor road, we have known times in excess of this trying to get down Eastfield Lane during the morning school run. This would indicate that a large majority of pupils reside on the Pangbourne side of the bridge which could be reduced using an increase in tolls. In resect of an increase in council tax to cover traffic calming, even at just £5 is completely unacceptable. The Parish Council element of council tax was already raised by some considerable % to cover the costs involved in the village green. Once again the suggestion is to tap the the villages to resolve a problem that doesn't actually affect everyone. Not everyone in the village is fortunate enough or wants to drive a car so fail to see why all villagers should be expected to pay. Clearly the problem has arisen out of the bridge reopening and it is my view the bridge company should be putting their hand in the pocket to cover any traffic calming measures that are required as a result of their PRIVATELY OWNED bridge causing an increase in traffic.

Date 23/12/2014 12:23:14 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments The problem of that long line of cars has developed rapidly since the bridge re-opened and the Parish Council has been working on it behind the scenes. Our Traffic and Pavements Advisory Group produced a preliminary report some time ago but - in my opinion, anyway - subsequent events require a re-think. Absolutely anything concerning traffic has to be agreed with Oxfordshire County Council Highways officers of which, at the request of our County Councillor, the most senior member spent some time recently observing the morning rush hour traffic flow in the lower part of the Village. This has resulted in suggestions which have been passed to TaPAG that I believe can make a real difference. TaPAG’s analysis will be presented to the Parish Council meeting on Jan 5th and I will be very surprised if the PC does not immediately start to push OCC Highways to get the job done. One thing I have to point out. This is typical of many similar situations at the moment. OCC is being squeezed by the Government and is dumping jobs down the line to SODC and to us. SODC is also being squeezed and they are passing things down the line. The weeds that were wrecking our kerbs are a case in point. The consequence is that either the job is left undone or we as a local community have to pay for it. That in turn means all costs have to be added to the Village’s part of Council Tax. It is amazing how often people look at a situation and say “why don’t THEY do it?”. Many jobs can be cleared by volunteers. In practice that means it is the same very few people every time. Otherwise the reality is that where the job can not be done by volunteers there is a very basic choice: the Council Tax goes up to pay for the job to be done, or the job does not get done. This is the situation with the proposed traffic calming matter. The simplest proposal in the pipeline will put an average of about £5 per household onto the Village precept. That may not sound much until you realise that such things keep cropping up. This time I expect that the PC meeting will decide that the traffic situation affects all our residents to the point where we can ask them to accept the cost of whichever plan is chosen.
Date 08/01/2015 18:53:44 Post reply
Name Pam Warren   Email
Comments Just wondering what came from the PC meeting on the 5th Jan about the parking on High Street? I am no shrinking violet but am sat with cup of tea recovering, pretty shaken as had a volley of uncalled for, truly vile abuse yelled at me while trying to get back up the street to my home this evening.
Date 12/01/2015 10:14:40 Post reply
Name Dave Bowen   Email
Comments It would seem this was discussed and approved at the Parish Council meeting however the minutes make no mention whatsoever of costs or whom is going to be paying for this. As in my post above I am firmly against the cost of this be attached to the PC element of the Council Tax. Perhaps the PC can update us as a matter of urgency who is going to be paying for these white lines ?
Date 16/01/2015 11:07:38 Post reply
Name Laura Lucas   Email
Comments I was so sorry to hear about your experience, Pam. Unfortunately, this is exactly the sort of thing that the PC is being forced to address. We've tried to move as quickly as possible but still consider all viable options. Dave, unfortuantely Highways has informed the PC that is has no money to help us, so the PC were left with no other option than to fund the project.
Date 18/01/2015 10:59:00 Post reply
Name Dave Bowen   Email
Comments Thanks for the update Laura, perhaps somebody from the PC can confirm why the financial element of this project has no been include in the minutes to the PC meeting ? Was the financial aspect discussed at the meeting or was this discussed outside the meeting ?
Date 09/02/2015 14:55:06 Post reply
Name Carrie Hart
Comments I live in Hawthorn Cottage - and have nowhere else to park apart form the High Street - please can someone let me know what's happening with the parking and what is going to be put in place for local residents like me who have no option but to park on the High Street? Thanks Carrie

Date 20/12/2014 11:49:19 Post reply
Name john curtis
Comments Thursday early pm I spent 20 mins trying to travel from the toll bridge to manor road!!!, totally inconsiderate parking and a lack of council intervention will result in this situation becoming a major issue as i witnessed minor road rage on two separate occasions during that journey!!

Date 17/12/2014 12:27:26 Post reply
Name Robin   Email
Comments We have an old HP printer, model Officejet 7310 all-in-one which we have recently replaced. Apart from the fax function, which no longer appears to work, it is in working order. Free to a good home, otherwise it is going to the dump
Date 18/12/2014 14:29:01 Post reply
Name Robin   Email
Comments UPDATE New owner found, so no longer available

Date 16/12/2014 06:54:16 Post reply
Name Martin Wise   Email
Comments Our War Memorial Qther than the two pics in the archive, does anyone have any other images of the war memorial prior to the 1989 storm damage?

Date 11/12/2014 11:24:41 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments There is one spare ticket for the Classic Carols Concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday, 16th December. Coach departs 4.00pm. Total cost £50.

Date 07/12/2014 17:37:05 Post reply
Name Graham Dednum   Email
Comments Just a brief word of grateful thanks to all in and around the village who came to support, and hopefull, enjoy, last evenings concert of Christmas music held at St Mary's church. The event was well attended and raised c.£2,000 which will be divided equally between the church and the Reading Street Pastors. If you missed the opportunity to sing popular Christmas carols at the concert, don't despair, come to The Ferryboat on Saturday 20th from 7.30 for some community carol singing with brass ensemble accompaniment.

Date 02/12/2014 11:50:37 Post reply
Name Nick Brazil   Email
Comments In our fight to save Eastfield House from demolition I have found an unlikely ally. On their website Majesticare have the following description of Eastfield House: "A Place to Call Home. Eastfield House is a country house luxury care home of impressive historical character that has been beautifully refurbished and extended. It stands in landscaped grounds within the pretty conservation village of Whitchurch-on-Thames, Oxon." Since I could not have put it better myself, I quoted them in full in my objection to the planning application.

Date 01/12/2014 13:59:28 Post reply
Name Johns
Comments I live up Hardwick Road and have heard metal grinding sounds in the daytime in recent weeks. Does anyone know what this is?
Date 09/12/2014 17:48:18 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir   Email
Comments It may be coming from the electrification works on the railway - Network Rail are putting up the metal support posts on metal piles, working day and night. As the railway is on an embankment the noise travels a long way.

Date 30/11/2014 10:31:34 Post reply
Name Peter Reeve   Email
Comments Hi, can anyone recommend a good local gardener please? Thank you, Pete

Date 25/11/2014 16:19:41 Post reply
Name James   Email
Comments We have a 6' artificial John Lewis Christmas tree that we no longer have need for. Free to a good home, ideally for the local community. Email if interested.
Date 02/02/2015 09:49:26 Post reply
Name Bob north   Email
Comments hi James If you are still looking for a local gardener please contact me on 07467172662 Regards Bob.

Date 17/11/2014 16:39:47 Post reply
Name alison michael   Email
Comments Very sadly Bob has just passed away after a quick heart attack. The Service for him will be held on Tuesday 25th November at 2.30 pm in the South Chapel at Reading Crematorium. Graham has kindly offered to cater for us afterwards from 3.30 pm in the Ferryboat. All friends are very welcome to come and say farewell to Bob. Alison and family.

Date 11/11/2014 18:19:37 Post reply
Name Angela Sidhu   Email
Comments Can anyone recommend a handyman? I need some help in the loft, sealing the gaps that exist between the roof and the house. It's not a nice job to do which is why I'm struggling to find someone who can help but I will pay a good rate. Thanks
Date 29/12/2014 21:28:13 Post reply
Name Ros Heath   Email
Comments Hi I whole heartedly recommend Phil Wise tel 0118 9844318. Mostly a brickie but does other building type jobs and is very reliable and a fantastic worker.

Date 10/11/2014 22:29:44 Post reply
Name Anna   Email
Comments I overlooked inserting my email address and telephone number on my original message asking if anyone would be interested in joining a scrabble group. I can be contacted on 01189 841234.

Date 07/11/2014 10:31:30 Post reply
Name Anna   Email
Comments SCRABBLE - Do you want to help fill in the winter days and play scrabble locally, once or twice a week? All levels will be welcome. If you are interested, please email me. (genuine enquiries only please).

Date 05/11/2014 15:57:21 Post reply
Name Mike Marshall
Comments Last night (Monday 3rd Nov) persons unknown opened the Hardwick Road gate into Muddy Lane and drove down to the Allotments. They opened the Allotments gate and drove their large vehicle down to the machinery shed and forced open the door of this shed. The thieves knew the combinations of both locks and where the mower was kept. They closed and locked up both gates behind them as they left. Fortunately the newer mower they were after had been taken off site for a service last week. The older mower that had just been serviced was in the shed but was left. The thieves had clearly targeted the newer mower. A worrying amount of knowledge was with the thieves, not least the combinations to each of the locks. If anyone in the village noticed anything on Muddy Lane last night please contact Thames Valley Police quoting Crime Ref No 43140234525. Thanks

Date 03/11/2014 12:55:50 Post reply
Name Harriet Mulrooney   Email
Comments Part-time nanny available 1 - 2 days per week, flexible. Our lovely experienced nanny is looking for a 1 or 2 day per week job to complement the three days she spends with us. interested? Or know someone who might be? Drop me a line!

Date 03/11/2014 09:39:39 Post reply
Name James   Email
Comments Lost - gold men's wedding band. Plain design. Missing on Saturday afternoon. Potentially somewhere between Toll Bridge and Whitchurch playground. Reward if found.

Date 02/11/2014 17:42:50 Post reply
Name Eleanor Sugrue   Email
Comments Lovely friendly cat looking for a new home... Following the birth of our baby daughter 6 weeks ago, our lovely friendly old cat has been very unhappy and it has become clear that her and the baby can't really coexist. So it is with great sadness that we are looking for a new home for Molly the cat. She is a black and white British shorthair and is about 15 years old. We've had her for nearly 9 years having adopted her as a stray from Cats Protection. She is an indoor cat (but can use a cat flap) and is great company - loves snoozing on laps and gets excited when the doorbell rings. She's spayed, her jabs are up to date and she would be happy in a house with no other pets or children. We obviously want to find a good new home for her so if you are interested please do get in touch and you can come and meet her.

Date 02/11/2014 16:56:41 Post reply
Name James Sullivan   Email
Comments GT Talera mountain bike - free to a good home. 18" frame - seat stuck (but fixable?). James. 07971 324106 (28 Hillside)

Date 22/10/2014 14:20:50 Post reply
Name Will Skewes   Email
Comments Looking for a garage to rent over the winter months for storage of various items whilst shed is being rebuilt. If any one has or knows of one please contact me on 07590 681878. Thanks.

Date 13/10/2014 10:42:21 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments This idea is one of several that have been discussed recently. None are as good as having a Community Responder in the Village but clearly having a defib available would be much better than nothing. It is not quite so straightforward as you might think. It is all about those seconds that are so critical and there are diverging ideas about what is the best solution for us. The advice from the medical professionals is that to be really effective a defib must be instantly available and in full working order at three in the morning this time next year. We have invited Stephen Cartwright, Community Liasion & Training Officer South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust to talk to us at the PC meeting on Monday 3rd November. You will be very welcome to come and hear what he has to say.

Date 11/10/2014 17:45:42 Post reply
Name Helen kemp   Email
Comments Does anyone have a portable Electric hot plate I could borrow for a day.

Date 11/10/2014 11:51:12 Post reply
Name Jean   Email
Comments Seen on the news reports about George Clooney, Sonning has a defribrilator newly installed in their phone box. Wouldn't this be a good solution for Whitchurch to have one installed in such a central position in our village?

Date 07/10/2014 08:40:25 Post reply
Name Anna
Comments Please support the Mobile Library which visits Manor Road, Whitchurch, fortnightly between 9.30am and 10am. Due to lack of support more and more mobile libraries will cease visiting villages and with public libraries cutting back on opening hours, it would be a great loss for many avid readers.

Date 05/10/2014 18:25:35 Post reply
Name Richard Wingfield - acting moderator   Email
Comments Moderator’s note: messages in our friendly village should include the sender's name and email address please.

Date 05/10/2014 10:46:38 Post reply
Name Anon
Comments Regarding the bridge tolls. What I look forward to learning is why the company did not have sufficient retained profits to cover the cost of the bridge. To justify the increase in toll by claiming it's to pay for the bridge (including delay costs) is rather odd. I wouldn't build a new house without having sufficient funds in place - yet the bridge company have the luxury of having punters over a barrel. It was always a 'no lose gamble' to them no matter how it's dressed up.
Date 25/11/2014 04:30:49 Post reply
Name Mike Shepherd   Email
Comments I agree with Anon's comments. I remember living in Whitchurch from 1942 and in those days the Toll Fee was 1 Farthing each way for cars only and no costs for children. These new toll costs seem to be far too high and surely these costs can be negotiated. I will be back in late 2015 for my first visit since 1954. Mike Shepherd

Date 30/09/2014 19:36:42 Post reply
Name Phil Wise   Email
Comments I am a Qualified BRICK LAYER and also Specialise in FLINT and LIME WORK. I take a great deal of pride in my work and love to match up any repairs or rebuilds with the existing buildings, which I think is very important when you live in such beautiful old villages as we do. I have lived in Whitchurch Hill for 30 years, and worked locally all my life. I can provide references, recommendations and photographs. I am fully qualified and insured. If you prefer to phone, my number is: 0118 9844318 I look forward to hearing from anyone who requires quality building work done, by a very friendly professional! Many thanks
Date 30/09/2014 21:47:43 Post reply
Name liz   Email
Comments Hi thanks I will ring you.

Date 30/09/2014 08:15:07 Post reply
Name liz   Email
Comments Can anyone recommend a good local brick layer to help me with a garden project?

Date 29/09/2014 17:43:25 Post reply
Name Mel Taylor   Email
Comments A huge thank you to everyone that helped and attended the Macmillan coffee morning. So far we have raised £650!!!! It's amazing what a community can do when they get together!! If you were unable to come but would still like to donate, please email me to arrange.

Date 22/09/2014 07:33:59 Post reply
Name Anna   Email
Comments Bus Service Number 143. From 29th September a new bus service Number 143 will operate which will continue to serve Whitchurch (though reduced). You can find the details and timetable on line by keying in Thames Travel 143 Bus Service. I have put up a copy of the new timetable on the WOT Notice Board at the entrance to Manor Road.

Date 21/09/2014 09:53:21 Post reply
Name The Village Show Committee   Email
Comments Thank you so much to everyone who entered/attended/judged/helped out at the Goring Heath and Whitchurch Autumn Show on Saturday. The gardeners, flower arrangers, artists, cooks, handicrafters and photographers in the villages certainly showed there's a great deal of talent out there. Congratulations to all the winners. We were particularly delighted that the number of children entering the Under 12's class rose considerably and we hope they - and others - will be at the Spring Show in April. Look out for photos and a 'write up' on the village websites later in the week.

Date 20/09/2014 12:19:34 Post reply
Name Tony Voysey   Email
Comments To quote Harri Webb freely "Two ancient villages at last re-joined Across the river wide And all the tolls collected On the Whitchurch side"

Date 19/09/2014 17:50:57 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir - Company Secretary   Email
Comments A big thank you to all those who came along to our Bridge Reopening event this afternoon, your support was very much appreciated. We'd be most grateful for some photographs - if you have some you are particular proud of, please email them to us.

Date 16/09/2014 20:18:57 Post reply
Name Marc   Email
Comments 15m2 of Gold Rye Turf & fertiliser available for free. Excess turf from laying new lawn today. Still in excellent condition. First come first served basis. It's sat on a pallet outside Coombeside Cottage (opposite Hardwick Rd). I will leave it for a day or two but if no takers I will dispose of it. No need to knock just help yourselves. Cheers, Marc

Date 16/09/2014 20:14:31 Post reply
Name Alexandra Reeve   Email
Comments We have recently moved to Whitchurch-on-Thames and are looking for a cleaner to do regular cleaning and ironing for us. If anyone has a reliable contact or if you are interested please email me.

Date 16/09/2014 15:50:22 Post reply
Name graham dednum   Email
Comments The Ferryboat have vacancy for a part time position working in the bar and restaurant areas. Ideally the individual must be over 18 and available particularly for weekend work.

Date 16/09/2014 07:36:45 Post reply
Name Michael Haas   Email
Comments We can confirm that the service for Graham will take place at the Reading crematorium Caversham Rg4 5LP, West Chapel at 11:15 on Tuesday 23rd September. Afterwards we invite you to the Cross Keys for a drink to celebrate Graham's life. Please contact Michael or Jane on 01189841212 so we can organise catering.

Date 14/09/2014 20:35:12 Post reply
Name Michael Haas   Email
Comments It is with great sadness that Grahan Nisbet of Swanston Field since the mid 1970's died on Friday of Parkinson's related illnesses. Many would know him as the old man who use to walk the bull mastif around the village. We are having to rush funeral arrangements as his son has work commitments. We will post a definite time and date ASAP. Anyone wishing to attend do let me know, we will be going on to he Cross Keys in pangbourne for a drink and something to eat to celebrate his wonderful life.

Date 14/09/2014 09:57:20 Post reply
Name Trudi Benzie   Email
Comments Hi, can anyone recommend a trades person to repair a leak in our flat roof? Any recommendations greatfully received - please email. Thank you.

Date 11/09/2014 21:59:06 Post reply
Name Eric Hartley   Email
Comments Male yellow labrador seen in Eastfield Lane around 21:30 this evening - doesn't appear to be tagged for identification. Heading for Village Green and, hopefully, home?

Date 11/09/2014 16:16:21 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments The latest episode of the BBC’s “Caught Red Handed “ looks at the effectiveness of SmartWater in more detail. It certainly backs up the information given to the Parish Council by the Thames Valley Police. The Parish Council is very enthusiastic about the Police's project for our Village and is hoping that everyone will support it. To see the program go to, open the iPlayer and put “Caught Red Handed” into the program search box. Select Series 3 episode 9.

Date 08/09/2014 12:30:50 Post reply
Name Jane MacCaw   Email
Comments Update re new bus service. I have found out from Thames Travel that there will be a new bus service (No 143) starting when the bridge is open, that will go from Whitchurch Hill through Whitchurch and Pangbourne to Reading. I will post more details when they have emailed me.

Date 08/09/2014 10:46:03 Post reply
Name Jane MacCaw   Email
Comments I have only just discovered from a friend in Pangbourne (who read it in the Pangbourne Magazine) that the 142 Bus service is ceasing to operate from the end of this month. Although I am quite capable of walking to Pangbourne for the 133 or the train to Reading, there are many elderly in Whitchurch that really rely on this bus service. Has anyone made a fuss about this? What can we do?

Date 06/09/2014 19:33:55 Post reply
Name Allan Scriven   Email
Comments Whitchurch Bridge - I saw the hight of the kerbstones today. If there is not another layer going on top of the roadway, I think there will be problems. I have often had to bump up onto the pavement driving across from Pangboure, to make room for the bus or other large vehicles. Now it will not be possible from what I can see from outside the fence. I believe the bridge was rebuilt to the previous dimensions.
Date 08/09/2014 12:24:59 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir - Bridge Company Secretary   Email
Comments Allan, I agree the kerbs look high, but the road surfacing hasn't gone on yet. The black layer you can see is the waterproofing. When the new road surface is put on this week the kerbs will be the normal height above the road. I confirm that the width of the Bridge and footway are the same as before, as required by the Planning Permission.

Date 01/09/2014 12:27:20 Post reply
Name nick plumridge   Email
Comments Absolutely disgusted that the pedestrian access pangbourne side of the bridge has been reduced to about 2 feet across today. Hardly enough room to walk and push a bike. Definitely NOT enough room to get a pushchair or wheelchair through. Bridge company sort it out as you are not complying to your legal duty.
Date 02/09/2014 12:16:48 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir - Bridge Company Secretary   Email
Comments Nick knows that his justified complaint was dealt with within an hour of him telling me about it. I spoke to the Balfour Beatty (BB)site manager, who in turn spoke to Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE) whose vans were blocking the road. The vans were removed within minutes. BB have reminded SSE (who are NOT under the control of BB or the Bridge Company)that they have a duty not to obstruct the designated pedestrian route.

Date 30/08/2014 20:07:39 Post reply
Name nick plumridge   Email
Comments Does anyone know a local fair priced plasterer/builder who could do a fairly small plastering job around a chimney breast ? Thanks Nick

Date 19/08/2014 21:34:47 Post reply
Name Beth Baxter   Email
Comments Does anyone know of a contact who could restore our front door? It's in need of a good overhaul - stripping back and repainting with some lead work also. Recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks

Date 18/08/2014 20:46:35 Post reply
Name Harriet Mulrooney   Email
Comments Part-time nanny position for a family with two small boys living in Whitchurch-on-Thames starting October. 3 days a week. Please e-mail if you are interested. Thanks!

Date 13/08/2014 22:28:48 Post reply
Name Mel Taylor   Email
Comments Don't forget the McMillan coffee morning Friday 26th September at the village hall. All cake donations gratefully received. Please contact me on 07788 588885 0118 9841354 or for more information. Thank you.

Date 11/08/2014 13:29:12 Post reply
Name Kate Preston   Email
Comments My son is moving to college in London on 30 August and I'm looking for a 'man-and-a-van' to help with the move. Can anyone recommend someone, or help us out (paid)? There's no furniture to move, just a few boxes, a few guitars and a couple of suitcases, so a small van or even an estate car would be fine. Thanks!

Date 10/08/2014 15:06:46 Post reply
Name Eleanor Sugrue   Email
Comments We're having a bit of a clear out and we have an Ikea Billy Bookcase available - free to a good home (assuming you're wiling to collect from hillside). Details: Finish - oak veneer Size - 202 x 80 x 28cm You can still buy them in ikea so do look up their website for some photos. Also, there is a picture of this actual one on twitter: Do give me a shout if you're interested. Thanks Ellie
Date 14/08/2014 19:32:48 Post reply
Name Izzy Hird   Email
Comments Hi, I may be interested in your bookcase and would definitely be able to collect it from you. Just wondering if it can be flat packed or if it's glued together? Please drop me an email for a quicker response! Thanks.

Date 09/08/2014 22:42:49 Post reply
Name Eleanor Sugrue   Email
Comments Hello - there are several precarious trees at the back of Hillside. I know a number of tree works have taken place around the village - any recommendations for who I could speak to for some advice please? Many thanks.
Date 12/08/2014 17:07:49 Post reply
Name Stephen Trinder   Email
Comments I believe the trees you are referring to are on land previously known as Firhill, at the top right of Whitchurch Hill. This property was recently knocked down and the new owners are building a new house on the land, for which they sought planning consent. Their application will be known to the Parish Clerk - Jenny Welham - and I suggest you contact her on

Date 04/08/2014 18:30:37 Post reply
Name Richard Williams   Email
Comments Hi, can anyone recommend a good localish Plumber to install Bath & Shower Unit plus a bit of tiling and conversion of 2nd WC into Utility room? Thanks ...
Date 21/08/2014 13:10:41 Post reply
Name Julia Hamilton   Email
Comments We have just used James Dowling of JD plumbing and Bathrooms for a similar project. He did excellent work for us - very professional. Tel James on 07766 243383 Julia Hamilton, Whitchurch Hill
Date 22/08/2014 11:16:34 Post reply
Name Jim Donahue   Email
Comments Try Andy Gilkerson from Tilehurst - i just used him for some bathroom changes and was very pleased. His is at 07956906061.

Date 04/08/2014 13:57:41 Post reply
Name Suzanne OSullivan   Email
Comments We are WoT residents and are trying to find a single garage to rent in the Whitchurch area. Do you have one that is unused or do you know of any that are up for rental? Thanks.

Date 30/07/2014 14:54:22 Post reply
Name Matthew Bucknall   Email
Comments Hello. We are moving to Whitchurch Hill at the end of August. I'd like to know of recommendations people here may have regarding broadband provider for the area, besides BT/ADSL? Thanks.
Date 30/07/2014 23:24:31 Post reply
Name Wilfred Morgenhall
Comments I would only recommend BT as the Pangbourne exchange has not been 'unbundled' meaning other ISPs cannot put their equipment in it. So anything you sign up to comes through BT equipment anyway. I tried several ISP companies before finding this out. BT is only adsl, no infinity as yet. Speeds of up to 12-16mb is achievable until about halfway up the High St at the old phone box. Others may have differing experiences beyond this.
Date 31/07/2014 15:04:24 Post reply
Name Matthew Bucknall   Email
Comments Thank-you Wilfred, that is good to know.
Date 31/07/2014 18:15:09 Post reply
Name Allan Scriven
Comments I changed from BT to Plusnet. I live in the middle of Whitchurch and have had no problems
Date 01/08/2014 03:07:44 Post reply
Name Wilfred M
Comments Plusnet is owned by BT and uses the parent company's infrastructure to carry its broadband services. It's basically a 'value' range for BT if you don't need heavy usage like streaming.
Date 20/08/2014 16:49:06 Post reply
Name Will Skewes   Email
Comments I live on Hardwick Road and achieve speeds of 11mb download and 1mb on Plusnet with no streaming issues at all. It does depend on how your network is setup within the home as to how well it would work though. I am currently developing a commercially used trick for a home solution to speed up browsing with great results.........
Date 22/08/2014 17:28:17 Post reply
Name mark Reynolds   Email
Comments I Just spoke to BT and they tell me that the Pangbourne exchange is due to go live with BT Infinity Superfast Broadband next month! That should improve speeds for all
Date 13/09/2014 09:23:28 Post reply
Name Mike Haas   Email
Comments I just noted your message. Is there confirmation this has now happened as I'm with BT and have not seen any change on my speeds. Should I call BT.
Date 17/01/2015 18:24:09 Post reply
Name Andrew   Email
Comments Hi. Another vote for Plusnet. Moved over from Sky which had been disappointing. Now get 8Mbps for download and 1 for upload during peak.

Date 26/07/2014 09:16:58 Post reply
Name Rowena Patey   Email
Comments I'm looking for a room to hire to teach in after school (Mon - Fri, 3.30pm - 7.30pm) from the start of September. As it is one-to-one teaching, I don't need a large space. Do you have or know of anything suitable?
Date 29/07/2014 16:48:50 Post reply
Name Stephen Trinder   Email
Comments The village hall has a small (committee) room which may be suitable, at a very modest charge. Please contact the hall manager, Richard Scearce, on 01189842004 or e-mail, who will be pleased to show you round and discuss availability, if you are interested.

Date 24/07/2014 14:45:59 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments The delay in dealing with the water running down the High Street was caused by the age of the Victorian valve that was faulty: it took all that time to find a replacement. Also as the water supply to the Village had to be turned off an overnight team had to be available. What else will show up as traffic resumes remains to be seen, but the evidence appears to me to suggest that there is more trouble lying in wait.

Date 22/07/2014 11:38:10 Post reply
Name Dave   Email
Comments Does anybody know who to contact about having a stall at the Fete ? We were keen to bring our Popcorn and Candy floss stall and possibly the Dunk Tank

Date 17/07/2014 22:44:26 Post reply
Name Greg   Email
Comments Hi, we are new to whitchurch and as such having been doing a lot of gardening, whIch has resulted in a few garden bonfires. Just interested to understand the etiquette of bonfires throughout the year. Don't really want to upset anyone but would like advice on what to do and what not to do to ensure harmony within the parish... Discuss...
Date 20/07/2014 18:06:08 Post reply
Name Richard Wingfield   Email
Comments This is what one internet Guide suggests: “Do not light a bonfire if your neighbour has washing out, or if their windows are open, or they are using their garden. ... Instead of having a bonfire you could consider other methods of disposing of rubbish, such as using the local household waste recycling centre or composting garden waste.” South Oxfordshire runs a fortnightly garden waste collection service which many people use. Hope that helps…
Date 23/07/2014 17:12:27 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments I have put your question round the members of the Parish Council and responses were all very much in line with Richard's comments. I do appreciate the problem. I recently accumulated a large heap of garden rubbish which I thought I could not hope to compost down this side of 2020. In this weather people are in their gardens and have windows open. So I hired a man with a trailer ( who I know does not fly-tip!)to take it to the municipal tip.
Date 23/07/2014 18:26:27 Post reply
Name Whitchurch resident   Email
Comments Hello, Welcome to the village. I think most people are considerate about bonfires during hot weather when windows are open. I recommend that you use a brown bin. Admittedly at this time of year your garden will produce too much waste to go in your bin, so just find a corner and pile it up! Then gradually over the year, fill your bin every week and you will get rid of it as we go through winter. If you desperately want a bonfire, after dark in winter should be the rule. Hope this helps.

Date 09/07/2014 19:26:10 Post reply
Name Mel Taylor   Email
Comments COME FOR COFFEE AND CAKE Where Whitchurch Village Hall When Friday 26th September 10am Why So people facing cancer can have the support they need to feel more in control of their life, from the moment they're diagnosed, through treatment and afterwards Come and join us - everyone is welcome For more information please contact Mel Taylor 0118 9841354

Date 06/07/2014 20:14:44 Post reply
Name Peter Kemp   Email
Comments Blackwall 330 litre composter FREE to a good home. In good conditioner just a bit large for our garden.

Date 06/07/2014 09:54:00 Post reply
Name Harry Butterworth   Email
Comments I have seen some very clever phishing lines recently. It appears that some scallywag is attempting to reel in a whole heap of money from you and me by taking advantage of the instruction I gather has been sent to all banks to confirm all their customer’s identities. That includes those who have had accounts for a very long time. Now if I get a letter or an email from the bank that I am not absolutely sure of then - however convincing it looks - I will check with the bank either by a known phone number or through their web site before responding. If the communication is by letter then I might respond by letter but I would make sure the envelope carries the address which I am sure of for the bank. Certainly I would not touch any link in an email. If the letter or email contains any request for any form of bank account details I would copy it to the bank’s phishing address ( e.g., ) I might also report it to If I still have any doubt that it might be genuine I can still check with the bank. Otherwise I would delete it completely. Forwarding suspect emails is important because the banks perceive them as a threat and have the resources to tackle them.

Date 28/06/2014 11:09:08 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments We have a number of spare tickets for this year's PROMS. Sunday, 24th August at 7.30pm. Coach departs 4.00pm. Cost £56. Concert includes Beethoven, Dvorak and Janacek.

Date 17/06/2014 15:08:21 Post reply
Name Hilary Jensen   Email
Comments Eight tomato plants in need of a good home! Urgently require re-potting...surplus to requirements.

Date 16/06/2014 12:08:43 Post reply
Name BethBaxter   Email
Comments I'm after a babysitter, currently looking for 21 June and 16 August. If you're interested please email ( or call 07871 598162. Thanks!

Date 10/06/2014 12:37:02 Post reply
Name Miriam Rose   Email
Comments Don't forget Hardwick lecture on 'Britain's Atomic Weapons - past, present and future'. 7pm, weds 18th June, Hardwick House. FREE!! (but bring money for soup afterwards). See you there! x

Date 01/06/2014 19:15:17 Post reply
Name Eleanor   Email
Comments Anyone have a recommendation for a good gardener please? We're after some help to clear our garden on Hillside (not big but will need a lot of digging), lay some new paving and assist with some planting. Nothing fancy and will need some strong arms! Pleas do email me with any suggestions - many thanks.
Date 04/06/2014 17:39:48 Post reply
Name Debbie
Comments Sam Godfrey recently did some work for us and he was excellent. 01491 682417 or 07598856268

Date 31/05/2014 11:27:57 Post reply
Name Guy
Comments Anyone interested in a house swap in Whitchurch-on-Thames? We are a character 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with small garden and are looking to downsize to a 3 bedroomed property with small garden or courtyard. Must be walking distance to Pangbourne as is ours. Please contact 0777 1816359

Date 27/05/2014 16:00:03 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments There is one spare ticket for La Fille mal Garde on Thursday, 12th June with the Birmingham Royal Ballet at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Cost £47. Coach departs 9.00am Pangbourne.

Date 24/05/2014 22:34:02 Post reply
Name John Gray   Email
Comments Someone left a lightweight black jacket (Sondico) near the Coconut Shy at the Whitchurch Hill Fete on May 24th. If it's yours, mail me to arrange to collect. John

Date 21/05/2014 15:12:34 Post reply
Name tania neeson   Email
Comments Calling all runners for the Whitchurch 10k and 5k on Sunday 22 June! This race was called Toad Hall but has been made less hilly and much more enjoyable! Please check out for an entry form and details of all the refreshments and activities on the green at Whichurch Hill on the day! All welcome.

Date 20/05/2014 16:55:29 Post reply
Name Nick Brazil   Email
Comments I am planning a project to mark the birthday of Edwin Land the inventor of the Polaroid Instant Picture camera and I am looking for a working Polaroid camera to complete this task. Can anyone help?

Date 06/05/2014 14:48:15 Post reply
Name Ros Heath   Email
Comments We have plots available at the Allotments. If you are interested please email me.

Date 27/04/2014 12:44:55 Post reply
Name Geoff Weir - Whitchurch Bridge Company Secrretary   Email
Comments Please be assured that everybody is welcome to come along, look around, and ask whatever questions they like about the reconstruction of the Bridge at the Community Exhibition Day which Balfour Beatty is holding at the Dolphin Centre on Thursday 8th May. The format allows questions to be put on a one-to-one basis, which some people find easier. However, if a group of people want to ask questions together then that’ll be fine too. We'll announce the opening times asap.

Date 27/04/2014 12:34:59 Post reply
Name Carole North   Email
Comments The Greyhound Inn Bob and myself would like to thank everyone that have supported the greyhound pub over the last two and a half years.It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have met so many lovely people and made some great friends. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our holiday vouchers they will be put to good use very soon!! Although I won't be around Bob is I'll be keeping the pub open for drinks for the next 3 weeks so pop down and see him and keep him company! Just to let everyone know that an offer has been accepted for the pub and the sale should go through quite quickly, if the sale completes we believe that it will stay as a pub/restaurant, which is great news for the village.

Date 26/04/2014 14:36:22 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments The Theatre Club has at least four spare tickets for the Malvern Spring Show at the Malvern Three Counties Showground on Friday, 9th May. Cost £35. Coach departs 9.00am from Pangbourne.

Date 26/04/2014 11:35:59 Post reply
Name Pam Warren   Email
Comments As some asked me to, I did ask the WBC if it might be possible to have a group session with bridge project team at the end of their proposed open day in May. Unfortunately the answer was no.
Date 26/04/2014 22:13:32 Post reply
Name john curtis
Comments Thanks for trying Pam.....why doesn't that surprise me though!... Regards john.
Date 28/04/2014 21:06:43 Post reply
Name Stephen Trinder   Email
Comments In response to my letter to Balfour Beatty's chairman complaining about inadequate resources before Christmas to make good the early delays and a general lack of urgency since, I have been offered a meeting with their Regional Director. Please let me have any specific points you would like me to raise with him.

Date 25/04/2014 16:56:07 Post reply
Name Melanie Hardwick   Email
Comments If anyone would like a computer desk, we have one that we no longer have space for. It has a light-coloured veneer top with metal legs and it very sturdy. 120cm wide x 80cm deep.

Date 07/04/2014 15:40:26 Post reply
Name Demetri somarakis (River Thames Volunteer Coordinator)   Email
Comments Hello one and all, Are you interested in the Thames? Do you enjoy spending time outside in the fresh air? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Then why not apply to become a Volunteer Assistant Lock Keeper on the Thames? If you are interested then give Demetri a call on 01491 828360 or send him an e-mail to

Date 07/04/2014 16:43:55 Post reply
Name John Howell   Email
Comments Any local business which has experienced a downturn in trade that can be attributed to the bridge closure may be able to get a discount in business rates. If this applies to your business you would need to contact the Valuation Office Agency directly with the appropriate evidence. I am happy to support you in approaching them. If any local business runs into problems with this I am happy to see if I can help. John Howell MP

Date 06/04/2014 12:18:49 Post reply
Name Martin Hardcastle   Email
Comments Parkay flooring repair required. Can anyone recommend a good floor repairer. Replacement cork, sand and polish required for hall parkay. Thank you. Martin m: 07800022007 e:

Date 01/04/2014 10:47:51 Post reply
Name Liz Felix   Email
Comments I am a Milliner working up the hill and am running a fascinator workshop in the Old Stable Meeting rooms with a donation going to the Church. This will take place on the 30th April 9.15 - 12.30. if anyone is interested in booking a place they should contact Liz on 0118 9841750 or via her website

Date 30/03/2014 17:57:32 Post reply
Name David   Email
Comments I'm amazed that a sofa was fly tipped (unless someone wanted a good seat for the cricket) on the village green. This was there on Saturday and now Sunday afternoon..... Burnt to a shell. What a shame we seem to attract this behaviour when you can't even drive from Berkshire !

Date 25/03/2014 09:34:32 Post reply
Name Denny Baxter-Hill   Email
Comments I am in urgent need of a man with a transit van to go to Byfleet in Surrey and collect some furniture for me. Replies ASAP would be great thank you
Date 28/03/2014 17:48:15 Post reply
Name Ted Cosstick   Email
Comments Only just seen your message - if still in need try the man who advertises in Pangbourne Magazine - have used him, very good. Lindsay, tel: 01189433501 (Tilehurst) mob: 07889 851600 Regards, Ted

Date 24/03/2014 11:49:59 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments A more updated list of our forthcoming programme can be found on the WTC page under Village Groups

Date 21/03/2014 17:30:05 Post reply
Name Lara Herbolzheimer   Email
Comments Wanted: A couple with a young child looking for RENTED ACCOMMODATION in Whitchurch or Pangbourne. 1-2 bedroom appartment or studio or yurt or boat with moaring, anything whilst we are looking for a house to buy in the area. Ideally, if anyone is SELLING a 2-3 bedroom house even better!

Date 21/03/2014 15:23:47 Post reply
Name John Gray   Email
Comments Kodak 35mm Carousel Slide Projector for sale. 80 slide carousel. Probably 1980s/90s 'vintage', in good condition and complete with carry case. £40.

Date 21/03/2014 09:07:39 Post reply
Name Allan Scriven   Email
Comments Shirley and I attended the talk by the History society last night in the village hall which we enjoyed very much. The talks given by Peter and Anna were very interesting as the subject was about the road and area, Manor Road, we live in. I knew some of what they talked about, even the bailey bridge training down by the river, but it was nice to see pictures. Including pictures of the original buildings on our road. And tasting the Polish cakes and biscuits afterwards went down well also.

Date 15/03/2014 10:37:29 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments Due to high demand we have hired a double decker for the outing to the Malvern Spring Show on Friday, 9th May. There are still places available. Cost £35. Coach departs 9.00am.

Date 11/03/2014 12:54:38 Post reply
Name Harriet Mulrooney   Email
Comments Reliable cleaner required for 1 hour per week or 2 hours every two weeks. At Tigermoth Lighting office in Pangbourne, very flexible hours. E-mail for more…

Date 07/03/2014 16:09:02 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments An updated list of forthcoming events can be found on the Theatre Club page under Village Groups.

Date 27/02/2014 18:18:34 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments There are four spare tickets for Classic Ghosts at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford on Thursday, 17 April Cost £32. Coach departs 11.30am.

Date 25/02/2014 11:15:30 Post reply
Name Olivia Richardson   Email
Comments We have a few plots available on our organically managed allotments at Collins End -if you are interested in starting the spring off with some vegetable growing, then please contact the Estate Office by email -

Date 24/02/2014 15:42:04 Post reply
Name whitchurchtheatreclub   Email
Comments There is one spare ticket for The Pearl Fishers at the London Coliseum on Saturday, 5th July at 3.00pm. poa. Coach departs 11.00am

Date 23/02/2014 15:38:13 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments There are now three tickets available for Fiddler on the Roof at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. Thursday, 6th March. Coach departs 10.30am. Cost £47/£42 each.

Date 19/02/2014 17:57:56 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments There are two spare tickets for Fiddler on the Roof, Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham on Thursday, 6th March. Coach departs 10.30am. Cost £42 each. These seats are high up in the Balcony.

Date 14/02/2014 16:02:48 Post reply
Name Martin Hardcastle   Email
Comments The Horse has bolted but I'm still interested...Q? I don’t understand why the bridge could not be closed during the summer months and repaired when the weather would allow the plan to stay on track. Why does the summer river traffic gets preference over road traffic?

Date 05/02/2014 10:19:21 Post reply
Name Whitchurch Theatre Club   Email
Comments Details of our forthcoming programme can now be found on the Theatre Club page under Village Groups.

Date 27/01/2014 10:38:05 Post reply
Name John Gray   Email
Comments For sale: Suspension file storage trolley. Plus 50 suspension folders. Good condition. £25.

Date 23/01/2014 09:01:40 Post reply
Name Alison livesey   Email
Comments Foxes in Swanston Field can open the food bins. Just been clearing up. We now put ours out in the morning.

Date 15/01/2014 12:59:31 Post reply
Name Christine Martin   Email
Comments There is one spare ticket (high up in the balcony) for Fiddler on the Roof, Thursday, 13th March at the Everyman Theatre Cheltenham. Cost £42. Coach departs 10.30am.

Date 13/01/2014 14:32:31 Post reply
Name Peter Worsley   Email
Comments Congratulations to that worthy person (?those worthy persons) who managed to convince OCC highways that the kerb on the corner of the High Street and Hardwick Road needed raising for safety reasons. Users of the 142 bus stop will be aware that the norm of parked cars on the western side of the High Street encouraged thoughtless drivers to use the pavement as part of the road. In the future we shall feel more secure in the knowledge that the raised kerb will discourage such actions. It is reassuring that in these times of 'austerity' the interests of pedestrians has gained some recognition. Well done!
Date 17/01/2014 16:25:07 Post reply
Name Richard Wingfield   Email
Comments The raising of the kerb near the 142 bus stop was first requested by TAPAG a year and a half ago. (TAPAG is the group which helps the Parish Council on traffic and pavement problems and consists of John Southey, Peter Hawley and myself, together with Harry Butterworth.) At first, Oxfordshire said that they had no money to restore the kerb and mentioned a drainage difficulty. However, Councillor Kevin Bulmer decided to use his Locality Fund to get the job done. He used the same funding source to establish the new passing refuge in the High Street, marked by a white line, which was also a TAPAG request.

Date 10/01/2014 16:24:16 Post reply
Name Hilary Jensen   Email
Comments Why are the streets of Whitchurch and Pangbourne paved with dog-poo.....there was even a canine offering on the footbridge this morning!

Date 05/01/2014 19:43:09 Post reply
Name Trudi Benzie   Email
Comments Can anyone recommend a great accountant specialising in business start-ups and buy-to-lets? If so, please email. Thank you.

Date 04/01/2014 21:53:08 Post reply
Name Linda Jackman   Email
Comments In regards to the news article on this website, and the interview on radio Berkshire with Geoff weir, maybe if the bridge fails to open on schedule, as it currently looks to be the case, the bridge company should look into compensating whitchurch residence, on the back of proof of residence with free crossings for every day it is not open on time? Or does anyone else have any other suggestions on how we can be compensated for our on going inconvenience.

Date 27/01/2013 16:06:58 Post reply
Name Brian Woodage   Email
Comments I also remember jumping from the bridge and sometimes being rewarded with an icecrem if the icecream van was nearby